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College of Nursing

Features & Achievements


  • Continuing Nursing Education Programmes for Nurses, that are strategically designed to focus on Advanced trends in Clinical Nursing practices of Critical Care Units, Operating Room etc., to name a few.
  • Opportunities for Nurses to explore dimensions of various Clinical Nursing Specialities, thus empowering themselves with specialized Clinical Competencies whilst caring for Patients @ P.D. Hinduja Hospital.
  • Recognition of Nursing Personnel for Nursing Innovations & Excellence, contributing to Quality Patient Care along with Professional development.


The hospital boasts of an exclusive “Staff Development” department for nurses, besides coordinating numerous need based in-service programmes


International Nurse's Day Initiative - 2015 at P.D. Hinduja National Hospital & M. R. C

International Nurses Day 2015@ HNH; had been an initiative to ensure that all Nurses of HNH; get an opportunity to contribute towards this very significant occasion.

12th May 2015 marked the culmination of the International Nurses Day Initiative – 2015. The Inaugural segment for the Day; saw our Trustee – Smt Ushaji Raheja, the Hospital Management with the Guest of Honor for the day – Lieutenant Colonel Reena Menon (Head of Nursing Services at St John's Medical College Hospital & St Johns National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore) come together to appreciate the Nursing at HNH for their innovations, growth & excellence in Nursing.

The Inaugural segment began with welcoming the Dignitaries followed by the Lamp Lighting Ceremony.

The Director – Nursing; Mrs. Phalakshi Manjrekar opened the INC International Nurses Day - 2015 Theme – "Nurses – A Force for Change: Care Effective – Cost Effective; Improved Health and well being for all" - to the audience; emphasizing the scope of recognizing Nurses as a Global workforce & a vital resource for health & well-being of the global community. Mrs. Manjrekar emphasized the need for Nursing Innovations to contribute & lead Cost Effective Healthcare. She also emphasized that in Hinduja Hospital nurses embrace change for innovative & effective nursing practices often. She concluded by saying nurses need to take lifestyle initiatives to better their health and then they would be able to do that for their patients.

This was followed by an elaborate talk by the Guest of Honour for the day – Lieutenant Colonel Reena Menon on "Nurses as leaders directing ICN goals to achieve effective health care status for nurses and improved health and well being for all – Are nurses empowered to do so?" . She elaborated various perspectives of the "Millennium Development Goals" (MDGs) & the significance of the Nursing involvement to achievement of the MDGs. Lieutenant Colonel Reena Menon enriched the audience with her view on the various goals, challenges that Nurses may face as they strive to Better Patient Outcomes & in a Multi-disciplinary Healthcare setting.

Mr. Gautam Khanna, the CEO of Hinduja Hospital, appreciated the nurses through his message. He emphasized that the Patient's remember & relate the HNH Healthcare service; by the Nursing Care they receive here. He also reflected that the nursing standards exercised through continuous efforts of all should be maintained.

COO Hinduja Hospital, Mr. Joy Chakraborty then spoke about the "Seven Habits of highly Influential People", elaborating the need of Management perspective for Improvements. He emphasized on strategies for Self-improvement culminating to Over-all improvement of the Healthcare at HNH.

Madam Ushaji Raheja, Trustee - Hinduja Hospital, addressed the Nurses on behalf of the Hinduja Family & conveyed their appreciation to Nurses at Hinduja. She also took the opportunity to convey the good wishes expressed by Madam Vinooji Hinduja- Trustee & board member, P D Hinduja Hospital in her absentia & stated that all the nurses should strive to live her dream of reaching Nursing Excellence. Madam Ushaji, spoke on how Nurses have the ability to touch, enrich & transform the lives of Patients. Madam Ushaji, showcased her wishes for the HNH Nursing Team, by stating that Nurses are the pillars of healthcare and they will always be encouraged to attain better heights here.

The Guest of Honour for the day – Lieutenant Colonel Reena Menon was felicitated by Madam Ushaji. She also handed over the HNH Nurses Day Mementoes to COO & Directors present for the function. Madam Ushaji, encouraged & appreciated the Prize Winners of various Theme-led Talent-based Projects. A special mention was made for the Directors who were invited to judge the Projects - namely Ms. Savy Kaur (Director – Support Services); Major Gen. Vij (Director – Projects & EM); Ms. Varsha Kaushal (Deputy Director – Materials) along with Mr. Rajesh Rao (Secretary to Board of Management). They were thanked for the efforts taken.

Following were themes on which various Talent-reflecting projects were conducted – Nursing Empowerment; Care & Cost Effectiveness, Experiences of a Nursing.., Reflections of a Nurse & the changing concept of Nursing, Concept & Practice of Empathy in Nursing etc.. These themes were proposed to be projected through Essays, Poems, Greeting Cards, Poster Paintings, Street plays, Mimes, Best Out of waste Projects & Debates.

The afternoon included the projection of the Best Projects in the following segments along with Academic deliberations –

  • Segment on "A Reflection of Nursing"; was portrayed through Street play & Mime performed by HNH Nurses.
  • Segment on "Achievement of Care Effectiveness through Cost Effectiveness & The Concept & Practice Empathy in Nursing" was portrayed through Debate.
  • Segment on "Nursing Leadership through Role Modeling" was depicted through a Role Play by the Senior Nursing Team.
  • Segment on "Nursing - A Journey… An Experience..." was reflected through various Essays & Poems composed by HNH Nurses.
  • Segment on "Trends in Nursing"; saw the audience being enlightened on the topic- "Seventh Central Pay Commission – What are the Nurses of India entitled for.."
  • Segment on Quiz – showcased the finale of "Nursing Masterminds"- Quiz Competition.

The Master of Ceremonies for The International Nurses Day Initiative was Ms. Indu Elizabeth Poulose and coordinated along with her by Ms. Smita Patnoskar. The programme saw more than 250 Nursing Personnel participating. The event was concluded by the "Vote of Thanks".

As a symbol of remembrance, all the Nurses of Hinduja Hospital were gifted with a token of recognition & appreciation during International Nurses Day Celebration 2015.