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> Cancer Chemotherapy

Cancer Chemotherapy

The medical oncology unit follows the latest scientific protocols and has autologous bone marrow transplant facilities. Towards providing a holistic approach, the department also offers rehabilitation services including stoma rehabilitation, speech rehabilitation and occupational therapy. Realizing the importance of psychosocial support, there are counselors and volunteers to help patients throughout their treatment.

The oncology division has a dedicated oncology day care centre and an in-patient wing with trained oncology nursing staff. Soon the department will be providing facilities for home based chemotherapy. The department also has a Pain Clinic to manage every aspect of cancer pain especially for the terminally ill patients.

The services are integrated keeping in mind patient convenience. All the consultants evaluate a case during tumor board meetings wherein patient management decisions are discussed and finalized. With this the patient benefits from the expertise of the entire oncology team.

The department has a dedicated team of doctors and trained nursing staff. The state-of-art department has a Day-care Centre well equipped to do all specialized treatment protocols on an outpatient basis. There is also a dedicated in-patient ward for cancer patients.

The department treats all adult and pediatric cancers. It deals with solid tumor malignancies as well as hemato-oncology. There are facilities to take care of immunocompromised patients and high dose chemotherapy.

The department keeps abreast with the latest developments and provides these innovative therapies to all patients. We are doing autologous stem cell transplants in the department and have been using other treatment options like Monoclonal antibodies, specialized drug delivery systems (home pumps for continuous infusion of drugs).

Cancer therapy involves active monitoring of patients and the medical staff is available round the clock.

Team work is the essence of oncology practice. We believe in a multimodal approach and work in tandem with surgical oncology and radiation oncology colleagues.


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