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> Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics and Counseling can help in the following cases

  • Parents or relatives of an individual with a genetic disorder, birth defect or a chromosomal abnormality or with conditions/ disorders that ‘run’ in the family
  • Individuals, themselves or with family member(s) having unusual birth marks or skin lesions
  • Short stature (dwarfism) unusual for the family, especially when accompanied by short or bent bones or short torso
  • Children with unusual facial appearance, often accompanied by birth defects or developmental delay
  • Clustering of symptoms or abnormalities in multiple organs/systems
  • Recurring symptoms not explained by common disorders/ conditions
  • Delay or lack of sexual maturation like late or non-achievement of menses
  • Couples with reproductive difficulties like difficulty becoming pregnant or recurrent pregnancy losses (miscarriages/stillbirths) or early infant deaths.
  • Couples who are blood relatives (consanguinity).
  • Pregnant women or their babies exposed to medications/ drugs/ Xrays/ radiations/ infections (teratogens).
  • Women older than 30 years of age who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.
  • Children with developmental delay or mental retardation or progressive decline of intellect or poor school performance.
  • Unexplained deafness or poor vision, cancers, muscle disease or such problems in many family members.
  • Individuals at increased risk of genetic diseases because of ethnicity.
  • Abnormal result of newborn screening test
  • Prenatal diagnosis of a genetic condition or an abnormality detected on ultrasonography during pregnancy.


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