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> Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric Neurology

Epilepcy Treatment

Comprehensive Epilepsy Treatment Centre:

Epilepsy affects 6 out of every 1000 children in India. Appropriate diagnosis and timely treatment with proper antiepileptic drugs is the first step towards managing epilepsy. The ketogenic diet and epilepsy surgery are two very important modalities used to treat refractory drug resistant epilepsy. Complete presurgical workup is performed by our team, following which surgery is offered in indicated patients. The workup includes telemetry (VideoEEG), neuroimaging and functional imaging studies.

Neurophysiology laboratory

Neurophysiology laboratory

The EMG labs offer various neurophysiology services like BERA, VEP, ERG, SSEP and Nerve Conduction studies. EEG, VideoEEG and Sleep studies are performed at the EEG lab and in the inpatient wards.

Child Development Centre

The centre provides assessment and intervention for children with: Cerebral palsy, Autism and other Pervasive developmental disorders, Learning disabilities like Dyslexia, ADHD, Mental Retardation and other Developmental disorders.

The therapist's chiefly work on Neurodevelopment therapy (NDT) and Sensory Integration programme.

Other than this psychologists' services include parental counselling and intervention for behavioural disorders.

Comprehensive Spasticity management is offered using therapy, oral medications, Botox injections, Orthoses and if required, surgery.

Our Team

Memebers of CDC

Dr. Vrajesh Udani is amongst the most experienced child neurologists and epileptologist of the country. He has been associated with P.D. Hinduja Hospital for over 20 years as a consultant. He heads the department of pediatric neurology and provided consultation to over several hundred patients per month.

We also have Dr. Neelu Desai who works as consultant with us. She has worked as Pediatric Neurologist and has 5 years of experience of working in the city of Mumbai.

We also have one clinical fellow and one research fellow who complete the child neurology team who not only add to clinical services but also do research activities.

The services of the department include OPD consultation, indoor patients care and neurophysiology Lab services.

For Appointments:

Dr. Neelu Desai :          022-45108181

Dr. Vrajesh Udani :       022- 24447216/06 (Anita)

The members of the CDC include

Hinduja Hospital, OPD building, 2nd floor - 3rd wing, Room.No.2310
Contact Person Telephone No. Schedule
Clinical Psychologists Ms. Minal Joshi 9819411024 By Appointment Mon/Thur/Saturday
Behavior Modification Therapist Ms. Binal Shah 9920528752 Saturday from 9.00 am to 11.00 am
1st Saturday-Language and Communication through strategies based on applied behavior analysis.
2nd Saturday-Compliance training and Independent work system(working on stereotypical and self injurious behaviors)
3rd Saturday- Working on Literacy and Academic skills
4th Saturday-Enhancing Play and Leisure skills
5th Saturday-Improving social interaction and group skills
Occupational Therapists
Ms. Usha Bhojne
9323701389 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Ms. Purnima Kandekar 9867479667 Tuesday 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm and Thursday 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm
Speech Therapists

Ms. Anaheeta Nariman 9821333408 Monday, Thursday & Saturday 11am to 3 pm
Ms. Megha Shah /
Ms. Prachhee Jadhav
9920954951 Monday to Friday from 5.30 pm to 8,00 pm
Co-ordinator / Counsellor
Ms. Asha Thatte
9820538673 Monday and Thursday 3.30 to 8 pm

Ancillary Specialities:

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Taral Nagda plays an important role for surgical treatment of spasticity and contracture in disabled children.
Appointment: 9320141234/5123, 45108181

Pediatric  Ophthalmologist Dr. Ashwin Sainani  assists immensely in diagnosis and treatment of various ophthalmological eye related comorbidities in pediatric neurology patients.
Appointment: 9833190603, 45108181

Ketogenic Diet and Diet for IEM (Inborn Errors of Metabolism ) specialist Dr. Purnima Prabhu  helps treating patients with Refractory Epilepsy and special dietary needs.
Appointment: 9987415016Minimize, 24137940 (after 3.00 pm)


OutPatient Services
InPatient Services