FAQ's on Platelet Donation

Dr. Rajeshwari BasavannaOctober 28,2022 | 06:18 AM
Platelet Donation
  1. Can I be a platelet donor?


Yes, Anyone enjoying good health can donate platelets.

Donating platelets is slightly different than a  whole blood donation. you should have donated blood at least once before platelet donation.

For Donating platelets, you should fulfill the same criteria as for whole blood donation. Some examples are 

Age -18 to 60 yrs,with minimum weight 60kgs,

Hemoglobin >12.5 gm/dl.

Should not have taken aspirin (last 3 days) or on current antibiotics.

Feel free if you have any questions please contact our Blood Centre Tel no 24447306.


  1. How frequently platelet donation can be done?


 You can donate platelets twice a week with minimal intervals of 48 hrs and for a maximum of up to 24 times a year. If you have donated whole blood you must wait at least 28 days to donate platelets.


  1. Why should I donate platelets? Who needs platelets?


Many life-saving medical and surgical treatments require platelets. Platelets are regularly used for cancer and transplant patients.  Patients with bone marrow disorders,  major surgery, massive bleeding, and infection also require platelet transfusion to prevent bleeding.


4. How platelet donation is different than whole blood donation?


In whole blood donation, 350 or 450 ml of whole blood is collected over 6 to 8 minutes, whereas in platelet donation, only platelets are removed and the rest of the components are returned to the body. Platelet donation product is known as SDP ie. Single donor platelet. One SDP is equal to 6 to 8 times the dose of platelets collected from whole blood donation.



5. Is it safe to donate platelets? How long does it take?


Yes, it is safe to donate platelets. The process of platelet donation is called Plateletpheresis. Blood is drawn from your arm into sterile tubing, which is centrifuged in the apheresis machine. This results in the separation of components in different layers. Only platelets are collected in a sterile bag and the remaining part of the blood is transfused back. All needles and supplies used to collect platelets are sterile, disposable, and used only once.One need not worry about the risk of contracting an infection.


 The whole procedure takes 60 to 70 minutes. During the donation procedure, you can watch TV, read or simply relax knowing that you are doing something incredible to help a patient.


5. Can I walk in for a platelet donation?


Platelet donations are done as per the requirement of the patients since the shelf life of the product is only 5 days. Your donation as well as your time is precious to us. We will collect your blood sample well in advance as per your convenience and all required mandatory tests are performed. Once all the reports are reviewed and satisfactory, you would be given an appointment for the procedure as per your convenient time.


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