Hand foot & Mouth Disease

Dr. Soumya RenjiNovember 16,2022 | 07:11 AM
Hand foot & Mouth Disease

Hand Foot & Mouth Disease


It usually occurs in children below seven years but can occur in older children too. School-going children are likely to contract from other infected children. This is caused by an enterovirus,  type 6.


They usually get lesions, which are fluid-filled vesicular rashes typically on hands, feet, forearms, ankles and buttocks. This is how it is differentiated from chicken pox. They also get ulcers in mouth which  make it difficult for children to eat and swallow food. The rashes on my hand and foot are not painful but can be  itchy.


Usually, there are no complications and the incubation period is 4 to 5 days Hygiene should be taken care of as it can otherwise lead to secondary Infection. Taking bath daily is essential. It is highly contagious so a lot of children can  get affected. It can also reoccur, however, serious disease affecting the brain is not seen in India.

How it spreads

Skin-to-skin contact, cough, sneezing, contact with contaminated surfaces.


Mild Fever, loss of appetite, red blister-like lesions around or inside the mouth, palms, soles, hands, feet & sometimes buttocks.


  • Isolation of the infected child,
  • anti-allergic medicines, and
  • local lotions are recommended.
  • Proper hydration Fluid intake


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