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P. D. Hinduja Hospital has been redefining the healthcare landscape in India over the last few decades with its mission of delivering quality healthcare to millions of people.

In keeping with this mission, it offers Care@Home, a home healthcare service that provides patients who are home-bound and the elderly the same care and expertise that they expect from a leading hospital like P. D. Hinduja Hospital. Our home health services deliver medical excellence, offering unique treatment options with compassion and care in the comforts of one's home.

It is our mission to provide quality home medical service to those living in compromised health conditions in their homes. Our advanced medical services at home are designed to support patients at their home for as long as possible, while also improving the quality of their life. Our home healthcare services provide the right level of support for patients depending on their healthcare needs.

We have the most reliable, compassionate and expert staff for our home healthcare service. They are trained to help you navigate through every medical recovery need.

When Can One Avail Care@Home?

We provide home healthcare services to those who cannot stay in the hospital owing to their physical and/or psychological limitations. This service is ideal for those who do not need doctor intervention on a daily basis.

Patients who stay far from the hospital can also opt for this service, saving up on travel and transaction time costs, since home care visit charges are comparatively lesser. Qualified and experienced nurses from our hospital provide a range of services at your home for faster recovery.

Why Is Care@Home A Good Idea?

When it comes to healing, there is no place better than home. This is especially true for patients who are recovering from critical conditions or who require post-surgery care. It is believed that patients recover faster in an environment that is familiar, along with the emotional support of loved ones.

Sample Collection at Home

We provide healthcare services right at your doorstep for your comfort and convenience. We conduct blood tests at home, saving you valuable time and effort. Our Home Blood Collection service makes it ideal for those who cannot step out for diagnostic tests for whatever reasons. We provide a dependable and convenient service of getting a blood test at home. When you choose to avail this service, be rest assured that we will come with all the required tools to do the needful.

We also conduct medical tests at home if the patient cannot go to the Diagnostic Centre. Sample collection at home is undertaken for the patient's convenience.

Getting a blood test at home also means you don't have to waste time waiting at the hospital or travel for your appointment. You can view your reports on registered email id / on hospital website for 30 days, except a few confidential reports. Reports are also couriered to you.

Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy is proven to provide relief to people from pain and physical injuries. Physiotherapy at home is found to be beneficial for those who cannot visit the physiotherapy professional or hospital owing to various circumstances.

Your health is our priority and we strive to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for you to recover.

Physiotherapy at home means focused attention to the patient at all times. We provide physiotherapy at home for our patients, which is administered by highly qualified and trained physiotherapists at your convenience. Our Physiotherapy Home Service ensures that our patients get trusted physiotherapy care facilities whenever they wish, with absolute comfort. Our Physiotherapy Services promise significant recovery of the patient in their own home.

If you believe the challenges faced by you can be better managed at home and you can get greater relief from your pain by opting for physiotherapy at home, call us today!

X-Ray at Home

We let nothing come in the way of our patients' health.

We offer an X-ray at home service for those who cannot visit the hospital. X-ray at home enables the patient to be diagnosed in the most comfortable setting. When you opt for this service, it means no trips or long periods of waiting for reports.

  • Our X-ray at home service ensures that the patient receives a simplified and hassle-free experience in the privacy and comfort of their home. Hospital-trained and qualified technicians conduct X-ray at home service for the patient's convenience.
  • A portable X-ray can be brought to the patient if they do not wish to go to hospitals or diagnostic centres. Our Portable X-ray services are ideal and safe for the home environment.
  • X-Ray services include X-Ray of chest, hips, arms, legs and shoulders.
  • The X-ray is read and reported by trusted radiologists of P. D. Hinduja Hospital.
  • The X-Ray film and report is home-delivered for the ease and convenience of patients. Reports are also available online.

Doctor Visit at Home

Sometimes, even a visit to a doctor may seem difficult owing to acute or chronic illness. In case of an unfortunate emergency or if you have any medical problem, you may need the help of a home doctor service. A home visit doctor is also ideal for those who have difficulty taking the time out of their busy schedule to visit a doctor in the clinic or hospital.

Depending on the requirement, we can arrange for an appropriate home visit doctor to come to the patient's home, with prior appointments, and provide consultation for treatment and help the patient throughout the recovery process. Also, our home visit doctor will commence the patient's treatment without any delay, if need be.

The next time you or a loved one needs to consult with a doctor and are unable to visit the hospital, you can always opt for a doctor that comes to your home, at your convenience.

If you wish to avail a home visit doctor, get in touch with us today!

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