Performance Enhancement Scheme

Academic Excellence is first priority key performance area for faculty & students. One of the measurable criteria of academic excellence is 100% success along with distinctions & university ranks. Academic rehabilitation activities include departmental review of academic performance in Parent teacher meeting, to identify weaker students & monitor their progress and also design & implement individual remedial actions. High performers based on their First formative assessment scores are selected to be a part of privileged batch. These students are provided with additional privileges such as access to faculty, departmental library along with tailor made paper setting & one to one feedback sessions throughout the year. All students of academic rehabilitation program have passed in first attempt with some students even scoring distinctions. Majority (95%-100%) students of privilege batches have achieved distinctions with some university ranks.

Clinical Competency Assurance

The competence of graduating nursing students is an important issue in health care as it is related to professional standards, patient safety & the quality of nursing care. Clinical Competency Assurance coordinators of various classes prepare yearly competency assurance calendar in discussion with Class coordinators, HODs & Principal. Clinical Competency Assurance sessions are mainly carried through micro skills development, viewing of procedure videos & provision of added time for handling complex equipments. To enhance their clinical skills with sophisticated instruments they have given exposure in advanced medical technology labs at Covedien. At the end of session, supervisor & peer evaluation is carried out with the help of standardized checklists. Students verbalized satisfaction as they get added time for hands-on experience in laboratories.


In order to develop & demonstrate skill competency the students are given exposure to clinical field of various specialties. Ratio of 1:3 with preceptor: preceptee is maintained. Mentoring is done with adequate supervision of specialized experts in the respective clinical field. Feedback from students & teachers evaluation is done through practical exam.

Walk with Scholars

Having recognised the fact that the best preparation for making a living comes through learning the arts of reading carefully, writing clearly and persuasively, reasoning quantitatively and analytically, evaluating evidence effectively and thinking critically, the programme introduces the idea of Walk with a Scholar. It is a novel and flagship initiative where in the students get to experience the first hand knowledge experts from various fields. It is a personal enhancement strategy through which an expert facilitates the development of student by sharing known resources, expertise, values, skills, perspectives, attitudes and proficiencies. It allows the learner to build skills and knowledge while attaining goals for career development. Its target is to develop certain generic skills, non-technical competencies, attitudes and behaviours that contribute to a person's sense of self and personal well-being.

Dr. Milind Kirtane

Dr. Milind Kirtane

Consultant, P.D.Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Padmashri Consultant ENT Surgeon

An Indian otorhinolaryngologist, credited to have performed the first cochlear implant surgery in Mumbai. Session on Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implant Event, Educational /Awareness Programme was conducted by Paediatric department.

Dr. Lala Murad

Dr. Lala Murad

Oncologist & surgeon

Inspiring session for the staff and students of Hinduja College of Nursing was conducted by Dr. Lala Murad, the first Indian doctor to scale Mount Everest.

Dr. Hozefa A. Bhinderwala

Dr. Hozefa A. Bhinderwala

Consultant PsychiatristI

A session on academic skills enhancement was taken during the professional enculturation program 2015-2016 by Dr. Hozefa A. Bhinderwala at Saifee Hospital, School Counsellor.

Prof. E.V. Swaminathan

Prof. E.V. Swaminathan

Psycho Neurobics

Post Graduate Diploma in Psycho Neurobics, Public Health session on memory management

Dr. Milind Kirtane

Dr. Khusrav B Bajan

Consultant Physician & Intensivist, Department of Medicine and Critical Care at P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Bajan is a certified provider for Advanced Trauma Life support (ATLS) from an American College of Surgeons and a founder core member of P. D. Hinduja Hospital's Trauma Team. He conducts regular CPR sessions for the students.

Health Clinic

Health Clinic renders services for all inbound students & faculty. Services include first aid treatment for minor ailments based on standard protocols and regular health checkup. Students and faculty are referred to P.D.Hinduja Hospital in case of ailments that need expert advice or admission. Health records are maintained and updated on individual basis. Support is extended to students those who need treatment or admission.

A Grade

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