Curriculum Committee

The aim of Curriculum Committee shall be to approve new & revised curriculum & academic policies to ensure compliance with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences & Indian Nursing Council. In addition, curriculum committee also provides guidance & oversight to ensure that all curriculum is sound, comprehensive & responsive to evolving needs of our students & their academic & overall development.

Major Initiatives

Development of short term courses in following areas
  • Fellowship Course in Gerontological Nursing
  • Fellowship Course Neonatal Nursing
  • Certificate course in Endoscopy & Radiology Nursing.
  • Advance Acute Care Practioner Course
  • Family Practioner Course
  • Fellowship Course in Lactation Management
  • Fellowship Course in wound Management
Curricular update & Enhancement
  • Curricular¬†Convention
  • Release of UG & PG
Audit of Curricular aspects at college
Action taken Report on Feedback

Curriculum Committee


  • Prof. Dr. Jaya Kuruvilla, Principal - Principal, College of Nursing


  • Ms. Siman Xavier - HOD, Community Health Nursing

Faculty Member

  • Prof Wilma Valsalan - Vice Principal, Professor
  • Ms. Jacintha Fernandes - Class Co-coordinator, Final year BSc Nursing
  • Ms. Sinta Mathew - Class Co-coordinator, First year BSc Nursing
  • Ms. Pooja Nair - Class Co-coordinator, Second year BSc Nursing
  • Ms. Savita Raut - Lecturer

Student Representative

  • Ms. Mahima Maurya - First year Basic BSc Nursing (Fresher)
  • Ms. Annette Susan Jolly - Fourth year Basic BSc Nursing (Senior)