Research Projects

Hinduja College encourages the faculty and the students to undertake research projects that reflects new ideas, innovations and bring about the best practices in the field of nursing education, practice and administration.

S.N Year Projects
1. 2013 Dissemination of knowledge from community health volunteers to the women of selected communities.
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2. 2014 Effect of Mind Body programme on Low back pain
3. 2015 Effect of Preceptorship on Clinical competencies of student nurses
4. 2015 Validating Nursing Diagnosis: Impaired Physical Mobility
5. 2017 The Effect of Laughter Therapy on Depression In Elderly Residents Of Selected Old Age Home From Maharashtra.'
6. 2017 A cross sectional study: Assessment of risk factors for heart diseases among urban population of a selected community, Mumbai
7. 2017 Effectiveness of aloe Vera Gel Vs. Lavender Oil on wound healing & Pain among postnatal mothers
8. 2017 Prevalence, Awareness & Effects of Nomophobia among Adolescents.
9. 2017 Do learning strategies have an impact on academic performance in Nursing Undergraduates?
10. 2017 Effectiveness of PTP on knowledge and practice regarding oral hygiene among primary school children at selected schools of Kolhapur.
S.N Year Projects
1. 2013

Effect of Graviola on Quality of Life among patients with cancer in collaboration with International Board of Alternative medicine.

2. 2013

A quasi-experimental study to evaluate the effect of using intermittent pneumatic circulator on selected physiological parameters in patients undergoing hemodialysis in AKD of the selected hospitals.

3. 2013

A comparative study to assess the effectiveness of pneumatic compression device versus graduated compression stocking in redacting risk of deep vein thrombosis among high risk patients admitted in a selected hospital in a metropolitan city of Maharashtra

4. 2013

A descriptive study to assess the knowledge and practice regarding menstrual hygiene among adolescents in selected community.

5. 2014

A comparative study to assess the variation in blood glucose level between simultaneous capillary prick and venous sample using glucometer, against standardized laboratory value in haemodynamically compromised patient admitted in critical care units of selected hospitals in a metropolitan city

6. 2015

Effectiveness of mind mapping technique for information retrieval of high risk pregnancy among nursing students.

7. 2017

An experimental study to determine the effectiveness  of controlled mechanical compression (TR BAND) among patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions through radial access ,post sheath removal in selected hospitals of metropolitan city.

8. 2017

A nurse led innovation “Ultimate Drain Holder” to improve the comfort level of post-operative patients with drain.

9. 2017

“Pharmacomania” Emergency Drugs Crossword Puzzles, an innovative Teaching Strategy on knowledge of pharmacology of undergraduate nursing students.

10. 2017

Investigating the effect of emotional intelligence training module on baccalaureate Nursing Student’s emotional intelligence and academic achievement motivation.

11. 2018

A quasi-experimental study to assess the effectiveness of acupressure for breast milk production among post natal mothers

12. 2018

Development and validation of standardized professional enculturation module for facilitating adaptation in first year baccalaureate nursing students from affiliated colleges under MUHS

Research Promotion Activities
Research Promotion Activities Research Promotion Activities Research Promotion Activities
Research Promotion Activities Research Promotion Activities Research Promotion Activities

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