Research Projects

It is one of the priority activities for College of Nursing. Faculty and students are encouraged to undertake research studies for generating and disseminating knowledge that the hospital can easily implement. College conducts regular research methodology workshops.

Sr. No Research Projects Status
1 International Study on Nosocomial Pneumonia in Intensive Care in collaboration with European society of critical care medicine. Ongoing
Sr. No Research Projects Status
1 Effect of Graviola on Quality of Life among patients with cancer in collaboration with International Board of Alternative medicine. Completed
Institutional Major projects
Sr. No Research Projects Status
1 Effectiveness of Structured Clinical Supervision on clinical competency among first year Basic BSc Nursing students. Completed
2 Study process assessment among BSc Nursing students. Ongoing
3 Effect of superbrain yoga on academic performance & psychological wellbeing among school children. Ongoing
4 Effectiveness of Team nursing on skill enhancement among 4th year BSc nursing students & patient satisfaction. Ongoing
5 A descriptive study on perceptions related to transition effect among 4th year Basic BSc nursing students. Ongoing
6 Caregiver`s Burden among relatives of Schizophrenics. Completed
7 Factors influencing Clinical supervision: Perceptions of BSc Students. Completed
8 Risk factors related to selected heart diseases from selected semirural community. Completed
9 Risk factors contributing to Reproductive Health of women. Completed
10 Prevalence, effects & awareness of Nomophobia among adolescents with a view to develop educational leaflet. Completed
11 Knowledge and practices regarding antenatal care among antenatal mothers with a view to develop self help guide on "Healthy Mother Healthy baby." Completed
Institutional Minor projects
Sr. No Research Projects Status
1 Correlation of Student marks in MUHS Exam with Internal Assessment Completed
2 Survey of student's self esteem Completed
3 Audit of Health Clinic Usage Completed
4 Prevalence of Diabetes & associated risk factors in urban community. Completed
5 Learning strategies among BSc Nursing students. Completed
6 Effectiveness of Board games on Pharmacology Knowledge among III year BSc Nursing Students. Completed
7 Prevalence of Internet Addiction among schoolchildren from selected schools. Completed
8 Prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia among adolescents from semirural community. Completed
9 Prevalence of Minor ailments among children from selected schools Completed
10 Effectiveness of board game on knowledge related to nursing management of emergency medical conditions in undergraduate nursing students from college of nursing. Completed
11 Communication Board: A Communication Aid for mechanically ventilated patients. Completed
12 Phenomenology of Behavioural Problems among adolescents from selected School in Metropolitan city. Completed
13 Knowledge & attitude towards Self Breast Examination among First Year BSc nursing students. Ongoing
14 Effect of selective lifestyle measures on obesity in selected urban community. Ongoing