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> Teaching Faculty

Lalita Girdhar Hinduja College of Nursing

Teaching Faculty

The College of Nursing faculty strives towards excellence in teaching and service to the Hospital and the Community. They are an asset in its mission to provide excellent nursing education in a positive, stimulating and intellectually rigorous environment.

Most of the faculties are post graduates with additional qualifications in education and management, as well as clinical experience in critical care, midwifery and pediatrics.

Sr. No Name of the teacher Post Held Approved vide University letter R.N R. M. No
1 Prof. Jaya Kuruvilla Principal/ Prof. MUHS /E-6 /6104003/3062 Dt: 16.8.2013 MUHS /PG/E6 /6111/2503/13 Dt: 2/9/2013 RN- II - 8659/ RM-XVI- 5763
2 Prof. Seema Sane Vice Principal/ Prof. MUHS /E-6 /613G/1842/ Dt:22.5.2008 MUHS /PG/ E-6 /6111/1794/13 Dt:29/06/2013 RN-I-19361/ RM-XV15391
3 Prof. Jacinta Lobo Assoc Professor MUHS /E-6 /613G/1842/ Dt:22.5.2008 MUHS /PG/ E-6 /6111/1794/13 Dt:29/06/2014 RN-II 9139 RM- XVI- 6203
4 Ms. Wilma Valsalan Assoc Professor MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1931/13 Dt: 25/5/13 MUHS /PG/ E-6 /6111/1794/ Dt:20/06/2014 RN-II-13586 RM -XVI-10377
5 Ms. Shubhangi Pangam Lecturer MUHS /E-6 /613G/4105/ Dt:12.09.2007 MUHS /PG/ E-6 /6111/1794/13 Dt:29/06/2014 RN-II-9002/ RM- XVI-6085
6 Ms. Jacintha Fernandes Lecturer MUHS /E-6 /6111003/3238 Dt: 21/10/2010 MUHS /PG/E6/PGTRC/1471/2011 DTD 13.7.2011 RN-11-13842 RM-XVI-10632
7 Ms. Siman A Xavier Lecturer MUHS /E-6 /6111003/3238 Dt: 21/10/2010 MUHS /PG/ E6/6111/1794/13/ DTD 29.6.2013 XXVIII-12204
8 Ms. Jeena Alice Iype Tutor MUHS /E-6 /6111003/3909 Dt: 16/12/2010 ----- II-14279/XVI-11069
9 Ms. Sinta Mathew Tutor MUHS /E-6 /6111003/3238 Dt: 21/10/2010 ----- 11-147711 XVI-11561
10 Ms. Reena Dsouza Tutor / Clinical MUHS /E-6 /6111003/3238 Dt: 21/10/2010 ----- Reg II-15058 / XVI- 11847
11 Ms. Sreeja Nair Lecturer MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1931 Dt: 20.05.2013 ----- II-14601 XVI-11391
12 Ms. Jain Babu Lecturer MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1931 Dt: 20.05.2013 ----- R.N No: 2639
13 Ms. Savita Raut Tutor/ Clinical Instructor MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1100 Dt: 06.03.2014 ----- XVI-11794/II--15006
14 Ms. Rashmi Chendvankar Tutor/ Clin. In MUHS /E6/6111003/4561 Date:16/12/2013 ----- II-15304, XVII-2093
15 Ms. Jennifer Samuel M Tutor/ Clin. In MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1100 Dt: 06.03.2014 ----- Reg II - 15469 / XVI -12258
16 Ms. Jessy Varghese Tutor/ Clin. In MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1100 Dt: 06.03.2014 ----- R.N No: 18498
17 Ms. Pooja Nair Tutor/ Clin. In MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1100 Dt: 06.03.2014 ----- II-15066XVI-11855
18 Ms. Dakshata Nijai Tutor/ Clin. In MUHS /E-6 /6111003/1100 Dt: 06.03.2014 ----- II-14751, XVI-11541
19 Ms. Salini K Lecturer Not Approved ----- R. N. No: 6338
20 Ms. Suman Lata Tutor/ Clin. In Not Approved ----- R.N No: 16414
21 Ms. Jinu Babu Thomas Clinical Instructor Not Approved Not approved II-17246 , XVI- 14034


Continuing Nursing Education

Regular continuing education programs are conducted to keep the staff abreast of the newer developments. They are also encouraged to attend conferences, seminars and workshops. There are programs arranged in collaboration with Hospital Nursing service.