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Ligament Injuries of Lower Limbs(legs)

Ligament Injury- Should it be taken seriously?

Ligaments are the fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone, along with membranes holding the body organs and blood vessels in place. Damage to the ligaments around a joint is common and is a result of twisting impacts. In a severe dislocation, the ligaments are most likely torn and damaged.

Ligaments resembles an elastic band. Under tension they will stretch until they can go no further, at which point they will start to break. With the modern medicines, damaged ligaments can sometimes be repaired. Most ligament damage is linked to other injuries, such as a broken leg or knee cap.

Damaged ligaments can be difficult to identify in the early stages of an injury, that is why it is important to have a specialist solicitor assisting you. 

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Ligament Injuries of Lower Limbs(legs)

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