Food Intolerance and Food Sensitivity by Dr Vipla Puri

Posted by : Dr Amrita Vaidya, 22 Dec 2011 05:55 AM
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Bringing innovation at Hinduja - We are the first hospital based lab to start food intolerance test called ‘Genarray’ based on Microarray Technology. The technology originally invented for studying DNA and gene expression is now being exploited to practical diagnostic tests for early detection of food intolerances by measuring food specific IgG levels in blood. With the imminent availability of the sensitive technology in our hospital we can now diagnose food intolerance to 200 specific foods in patients presenting with various symptoms from general lethary, weight gain, dermatitis, arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome. What is food intolerance : Food allergies and food intolerances overlap considerably. Intolerances are negative reactions to food that do not involve the immune system, such as lactose intolerance or sensitivity. Food intolerance is an exaggerated or abnormal physical reaction to a food or food additive caused by some chemical or enzyme deficiency in the body. To read more download article...
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