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Red Eye and Allergy

Posted by : Dr Amrita Vaidya, 22 Dec 2011 05:50 AM
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Redness of the eye is a symptom experienced by most of us at some time or other in our lives. The reasons for the redness could be within or outside the eye.These range from simple inflammation following itching or some minor trauma to severe infections like orbital cellulitis or worse- tumours. Sometimes some patients may not have any other coexisting complaints and may not even be aware of the redness.The redness is serious if there is concurrent impairment of visual acuity, abnormal pupillary reaction, or history of possible penetrating injury.In some cases the redness may be more marked around the pupil (suggestive of keratitis, corneal ulcer or intraocular pathology) and in others the ophthalmic surgen may not get a clear view of the retina which should raise a suspicion of some serious pathology. To read more download article...
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