FAQs on Sports Injury

Posted by : Dr. Abhay D. Narvekar, 07 Feb 2013 06:59 AM
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Q. What is the most common sport injury?
Ans. Knee injuries comprise of about 55% of all sports injuries. Shoulder injuries are also common.

Q. What causes cartilage or ligament injuries?
Ans. When forces created during activities exceeds the resistive strength of ligaments specially pivoting activites can lead to ligament and cartilage inuries 
Q. How can a student athlete prevent injury?
Ans. Fitness levels do play a role in injury prevention. Proper warmup, strength stretching and proper gear for that activity can reduce the Injury rates. Consistent sport-specific training drills can possibly result in a significant reduction in the number of muscle strain injuries.

Q. When is surgery necessary?
Ans. When non-operative treatment fails or is unlikely to get the sportsman back to the preinjury level of activity generally surgery is necessary

Q. What is the recovery time after surgery and what does it entail?
Ans. The average recovery time after cartilage surgery is two to four weeks. Ligament surgery typically requires a much longer recovery time, usually four to six months.

Q. Are the treatments for children any different than those for adults?
Ans. Cartilage and ligament injuries in children are rare, but they do happen. Children require different treatment because their bones are still growing, and adult surgical procedures would affect the bone's growth plate.

Q. What are some precautions people can take to avoid ligament and cartilage injuries?
Ans. Strengthening muscles and stretching before physical activity can help prevent injury. The best advice I can give an athlete is to stay within their "zone".

Q. What should an athlete do after an injury?
Ans. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. If pain, swelling and other symptoms are not improving, consult your physician. Any injury which results in severe pain, deformity or joint instability should be examined immediately by a health care professional.

Q. What are the symptoms of Dehydration?
Ans. Losing too much fluid can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Q. Should I take aspirin?
Ans. No . Not unless there is a indication or predisposition to clotting of blood

Q. What can I do for my child who is in pain?
Ans.Rest the part  apply ice locally for 10 mins elevate the part if possible and call for medical help..
         Consult a doctor if pain persists.

Q. When do I apply ice to an injury?
Ans. Ice is applied for the first 48-72 hours after injury. Use ice when there is sharp/stabbing pain, swelling/edema, or as prevention after a workout or game (example: pitcher’s shoulder). It is never recommended to ice an area before practices or games, as icing numbs the area and the athlete will not have awareness of the area which may result in injury. It is important to place a thin cloth between the ice and the injured area.

Q. When do I apply heat to an injury?
Ans. Heat is beneficial pre-practice or pre-game to an area that is stiff, as this will warm-up the muscles decreasing the risk of muscle strains. Heat is also beneficial when an athlete has a dull/achy pain. If the athlete has edema, it is not recommended to put heat on the area.

 Q. How long should my child rest after an injury and before returning to activities?
Ans. Your child should rest from physical activity until he/she is able to demonstrate pain-free activity. They should be able to walk and run without a limp or throw without pain. There should be no physical evidence of a functional deficit while the athlete is participating in the sporting activity.
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