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Posted by : Mr. Sreehari Nair, 21 Mar 2014 10:50 AM
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Once upon a time, it was the western countries that were known to be the epicenter of ‘Obesity’ problem but recent reports now reveal that the board has turned around and that fast developing countries like India is the new hub of obesity.

ccording to London-based Overseas Development Institute (ODI), a leading independent think tank, found that Indians form a massive chunk of the one in three adults now overweight or obese, adding up to 1.46 billion across the world. Its report titled "Future Diets" selected five middle-income countries - India, China, Egypt, Peru and Thailand - as case studies to illustrate dietary trends in the developing world over the past 50 years.

"India's consumption of animal products is approaching that of China's in terms of its contribution to the average plate, but here the increase is almost entirely in milk consumption, with only limited increases for meat," the report said.

We speak to Dr. Shivangi Borkar, Head of Department – Physiotherapy to know what are the different yet simple things one can practice to lose weight.

What according to you are the three factors that are most important to lose weight?

1. Diet control. 
2. Physical exercises. 
3. Self determination. 

The issue with today’s youth is that many start dietary control and exercises with a bang but then doesn’t have the persistence to continue for long period. Within a month or two, all plans go for a toss and one is back at binging again. Self-determination is the key to succeed a plan.

Diet and physical exercises are 2 sides of the same coin. In weight reduction program one cannot work without the other.

What tips (simple) would you like to give our readers to follow?

Avoid oily, high calorie food and junk food. It is tough to restrain yourself from a burger or a packet of chips but in the longer run you will get the benefits. Working professionals may find this difficult to eat small quantity of food every 3 hours but how tough is to carry a fruit in your bag and eat while travelling or sitting in office. Also make sure you have breakfast every day and have a light dinner, preferably early evening. You could also take a stroll for sometime post dinner and thus make sure there is enough time gap between your dinner and the time you hit the sack.

What are the physical exercises that you recommend?

Brisk walk 1/2 hour every day: Walking is the best way to start your weight loss regime. Start slowly and try to increase a little speed every day.

Resistive exercises: These are the type of exercises that you can use your body weight. For e.g. push-ups, being overweight you may not be able to do it like a normal weighted person can do, so either you can bend on your knees or take support of the wall.

Use stairs instead of elevator: Walking up the stairs can also be a good exercise. This will help your leg muscles to become stronger.

Sitting exercises: People with heavy body are already putting a lot of weight on their knees. So the first and basic exercise one can start with is by sitting in upright position in a chair, hold something slightly heavy in your hands and straighten your hands to chest level. Now turn right/left using your abdomen muscles without moving your hips. Do this at least 12 times each side.

Next up, sit in upright position and lean forward as if you are touching the floor. Make sure you do not lunge forward. From the forward position, come back to the sitting position. Use your stomach muscles to do this exercise. Repeat this 12 times.

Back in the sitting position, now turn your torso to right/left as if you are going to lift something sideways. Same exercise to your left as well. Do this for 12 times on each side.

Exercises at work station:

Avoid sitting for long hours. Get up and walk small distance every 1 hour
Turn to either side while sitting
Bend forward and touch your toes
Stretch both hands upwards.

The weight loss has to be gradual. Eg. It should be 10% body weight in 6 months time. Such gradual weight loss program helps to maintain the weight after weight loss. With fast weight loss program there are high chances to gain weight again.

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