Cadaver Transplantation by Dr (Mrs) Rasika Sirsat

Posted by : Dr Amrita Vaidya, 22 Dec 2011 05:29 AM
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Transplantation is currently considered an accepted treatment modality for patients with end stage organ failure where therapy with drugs or restorative surgery is not feasible. Approximately, 25 different organs and tissues including kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas, bone, cartilage, bone marrow, skin and cornea can be transplanted. This is due to important break throughs in immunosuppressant drugs and tissue typing. More than 1 million people world wide have benefitted from successful organ transplantation. Of these kidney transplant results have been the most gratifying. With improvement in results, the demand for human organs for transplantation has increased. The source of donor organs are living related donors (LRD), living un-related donors (LURD), cadaver – non heart beating donors (NHBD) and cadaver – heart beating donors (HBD). Most of cadaver transplanted kidneys are obtained from brain dead donors with functional circulation. Brain death can occur due to spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage, head trauma, cerebral ischemia or primary cerebral tumours. To read more download article...
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