Patient Satisfaction and Interaction in USA versus INDIA

Posted by : Dr. Roshani Sanghani, 20 Dec 2011 01:17 AM
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In my practice in the US I focussed on viewing the "patient" as a real "person" through good communication and EDUCATION. I saw the best clinical outcomes when the person knew what was going on with their health. I see many differences in doctor-patient relationships in India. -The sheer number of patients means that doctors are not getting as much time with each person here. -There are often deep-rooted emotional/superstitious/traditional beliefs that get in the way of an Indian patient accepting the scientific information. -There is often a difference in education level and access to information. -Many patients and doctors may be convinced that this is the only way because this is all that has been seen. My experience is that the driving force for behavior change is "I really want to feel better"; and therefore I continuously try to empower patients with the sense that they can improve their health. Patients always have the choice to follow the doctor's guidance or not, and my opportunity to bring about change lies in knowing the patient's thoughts and giving them the information they need to make good choices. I am happy to be in this new environment.
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