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Q. 1 Is there a cure for AIDS?

·      Yes

·      No

·      Only available on prescription

·       undefined

Answer: No.  There isno cure for AIDS. However it can be prevented.This means it is important to beaware of prevention methods to protect yourself.

Q. 2. Approximately how many people are living with HIVworldwide?

·      34 Million

·      23 Million

·      13 Million

·       undefined

Answer: 34 million people were living with HIV at the end of2010, and the vast majority of these people were in sub-Saharan Africa.

Q.3. Can you get AIDS from sharing the cup of someone with HIV?

·      Yes

·      No

·      Only if you don't wash the cup

·       undefined

Answer. NO. You are only at risk from HIV if you are exposedto infected blood or bodily fluids. 

Q.4. Can insects transmit HIV?

·       Yes

·      No

·      Only mosquitoes

·       undefined

 Answer: NO. Whentaking blood from someone, mosquitoes do not inject blood from any previousperson.

Q.5. HIV can make a person ill because it attacks the Immunesystem

·        True

·        False

Answer:True. HIV affects a person's immune system, which makes them more vulnerable toinfections, and can make them very ill.

Q.6. HIV is believed to have evolved from a similar virus foundin which animal?

·      Chimpanzee

·      Elephant

·      Guinea pig

·      undefined

Answer: Chimpanzee. The SIV virus found in chimpanzees isvery close to HIV. It is believed that the virus crossed species to humans.

Q.7. Which of these famous sports stars died of AIDS?

  • 3-time tennis Grand Slam champ,Arthur Ashe
  • Manchester United football legend,George Best


Answer: Anti-Apartheid activist, AIDS campaigner, and No.1ranked tennis player in the world, Arthur Ashe died in 1993.

Q.8. Which country has the highest number of people livingwith HIV?

  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • India

 Answer: South Africa.  In 2009, there were an estimated 5.6 millionpeople living with HIV in South Africa and 2.4 million in India.

Q.9. In what year was the first World AIDS Day?

  • 1984
  • 1988
  • undefined

Answer: 1988 . At a global health summit on AIDS in London, the WHO announced that it would promote an annual World AIDS Day on 1stDecember.

Q. 10. What does the I stand for in AIDS?

a. Incipient

b. Immune

c.  Inferior

Answer: Immune.The full form of AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. 

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