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> Adult Immunisation Clinic
  • Tropical Fevers (malaria, dengue, typhoid, leptospirosis, rickettsial fever etc.), Influenza
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • COVID 19 infection, post-COVID 19 infective complications including invasive mucormycosis, COVID 19 vaccination advice
  • Community infections: respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary tract, skin and soft tissue, ear infections, meningitis, endocarditis
  • Tuberculosis- drug-resistant TB, extrapulmonary TB, TB meningitis
  • HIV: Newly diagnosed HIV, long-term management and prevention of
  • HIV-related complications, pre & post exposure prophylaxis, family planning for HIV positive couples
  • Orthopedic & Spine Infections: including prosthetic joint and implant-associated Infections
  • Health-care associated & Drug-resistant Infections: post-surgical infections, hospitalized patients, patients on maintenance hemodialysis, patients with catheters, prosthetic implants
  • Infections in special populations: cancer patients, post-transplant recipients, immunosuppressed patients, diabetes, chronic kidney and liver disease
  • Infections in Pregnant Women- prevention of mother to child transmission
  • Adult Immunisation: immunisation for students traveling to foreign universities, vaccinations for special populations (e.g. post-transplant, cancer patients, immunosuppressed patients, diabetics, patients with chronic lung, liver, kidney disease)
  • Travel Medicine: pre-travel health assessment and advice, immunisations, infections in returning travellers

As a teacher and head of the National Board accredited Infectious Diseases Fellowship Programme at P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Dr. Ayesha Sunavala is passionate about promoting awareness and training in the specialization of Infectious diseases.

She is a strong proponent for the responsible use of antimicrobials to prevent drug-resistant infections. In collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical research, and as secretary of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee, she has been instrumental in the formulation and implementation of the hospital antibiotic policy. She is a Core Committee Member & Co-author of the ICMR National Treatment Guidelines for Antimicrobial Use in Common Syndromes.

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, she has been actively involved in treating hospitalised and outpatients with COVID 19. She has played a pivotal role in guiding hospital policies and creating community awareness on the subject. Dr. Ayesha Sunavala is member of the scientific steering committee for the 2021 COVID Guidelines India. She has also participated in the WHO sponsored Global Solidarity Trial on antivirals in COVID 19.

She has a special interest in the prevention, early detection and management of post-COVID infective complications like invasive mucormycosis. With the support of a multi-disciplinary team including ENT surgeons, oculoplastic surgeon, radiologists, microbiologists and pathologists at P.D. Hinduja Hospital; she has been closely involved in the management of a series of cases of post-COVID 19 invasive mucormycosis.

Dr. Ayesha Sunavala is a firm believer in preventive medicine. She started the Adult Immunisation and Travel Medicine Clinics at P.D. Hinduja Hospital in 2016 and has been actively advocating the importance of vaccinations in adults long before the current pandemic.

Her other areas of special interest and expertise include bone and joint infections, extrapulmonary tuberculosis and HIV medicine. She has co-authored a Case-book on HIV Medicine.

Work Experience:

  • 1.Consultant, Division of Infectious Diseases  - Dec 2017- present
    • P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai
    • Teacher & Head, National Board accredited Infectious Diseases Fellowship Programme
    • Secretary, Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee
    • Mentor & Course Coordinator, Hospital Fellowship in Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • 2. Junior Consultant, Infectious Diseases - Feb 2017- Nov 2017
    P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai
  • 3. Associate Consultant, Infectious Diseases  - Feb 2016-Jan 2017
    P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai
  • 4. Infection Control Officer - Jan 2015-Dec 2015
    P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai
  • 5. Fellow- Infectious Diseases -  May 2012-May 2014
    P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai
  • 6. Senior Registrar- ICU - March 2011- October 2011
    Saifee Hospital, Mumbai
  • 7.Resident medical Officer- internal Medicine   -  August 2007- July 2010
    Jaslok Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mumbai

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