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> For Doctors: Medical Education & Research

For Doctors

Medical Education & Research

Research and Education are the two fundamental pillars of continual improvement in patient care delivery.

Medical Education & Research

BD PDHNH Center of Excellence in Clinical Flow Cytometry

Calendar of Programs: 2013

Visiting Fellowship

Under this program a pathologist, hematologist or a flow cytometry technologist can apply to spend from one week to a month in the BD-PDHNH CoE as an observer. This will provide the visiting fellow a unique opportunity to learn nuances of clinical flow cytometric assays as they are being performed and reported on routine basis. The program is open for application round the year and fellows will be selected on the basis of merit of their write-up. There is no fee but the fellows would be expected to make their own arrangement for accommodation, travel and food. A training certificate would be awarded to the fellow at the end of the fellowship tenure. For further details, please contact Mr. Ubaldo Barbosa (

Building consensus: Standardizing six-color Leukemia Flow Cytometry

Through this program we intend to formulate a more standardized and reproducible approach to leukemia flow practice across different labs in the country and shorten the learning curve of transition to six-color leukemia panels. Based on results of practice survey e-questionnaire sent to centers routinely doing leukemia flow cytometry, draft-panels will be e-circulated for comments. Eventually a one-day workshop will be held on May 4th, 2013 at PD P. D. Hinduja Hospital to finalize the 6-color consensus panel for flow cytometric characterization of acute leukemias and chronic lymphoproliferative disorders. For further details, please contact Dr Kunal Sehgal /Dr Preeti Dharmani (

Workshop on Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry

March 19 - 22, 2013

In this four-day workshop, we will cover basics and various clinical applications of flow cytometry through a mix of didactic lectures and hands-on wet labs. It is desirable that the participants have a three-months working experience in a clinical flow cytometry lab. For further details, please see supplementary information.

  • Day 1: Flow Cytometry basics including Instrument quality control and compensation
  • Day 2: TBNK assay (Lymphocyte Subsets - primary immunodeficiency disorders) and HLA-B27 assay
  • Day 3: CD34 stem cell enumeration (ISHAGE), and Reticulocyte Count Assay
  • Day 4: PNH by FLAER and Platelet Antigen assays

Workshop on Setup and Standardization of Multiparametric Flow Cytometry

August 6th-9th, 2013

Multicolor panels (6-10 colors) are being increasingly employed in clinical flow cytometry particularly for characterization and monitoring of hematological malignancies. A sound understanding of instrument, reagent, sample processing, and data interpretation related variables is required for designing and performing a multicolor experiment. In this four-day workshop, we will illustrate the importance of these variables through a mix of wet labs and tutorials. It is desirable that the participants have a three-months working experience on a BD digital flow cytometer. For further details, please see supplementary information.

  • Day 1: Flow Cytometry basics with emphasis on Instrument optics and hardware
  • Day 2: PMT Voltage Setup and antibody titration
  • Day 3: Compensation and Multicolor panel validation (FMO controls)
  • Day 4: Quality Control of a Flow Cytometry lab and Beads used in QC

Flow cytometry: Leukemia and Lymphoma- Case studies and troubleshooters

November 6, 2013

This workshop will be held as part of the HAEMATOCON 2013 - The 54th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Haematology & Blood Transfusion (ISHBT). For further details and registration please log on to

Supplementary Information

  • BD FACSCantoTM II (3 laser, 8-color) will be used for the wet labs in the workshop.
  • Application forms will be accepted from two months to 15 days prior to the workshop. Candidates will be selected based on their bio-data and write-up. Only four participants will be selected per workshop.
  • Tuition fee for each workshop is Rs. 4000/- to be paid by DD to "PD Hinduja National Hospital and MRC" payable at Mumbai.
  • Selected participants will be required to make their own travel arrangement to Mumbai.
  • Accommodation can be arranged at BD guesthouse on twin-sharing basis on request.
  • Lunch and Tea will be provided during the workshops
  • For further details, please contact Mr. Ubaldo Barbosa (

Program Coordinators

Dr. Paresh Jain
BD Biosciences, India

Dr. Kunal Sehgal
P. D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC

Download Program Calendar & Application FormDownload

Members of the Institutional Review BoardVersion 1 (June 2008)

Name Profession Position in the committee Affiliation to the Hospital
Dr. A. N. Bhisey Former Director Cancer Research Institute Chairman No
Dr. V. R. Joshi Consultant Physician & Rheumatologist Director Research Member secretary Yes
Dr. T. F. Ashavaid Consultant Biochemist Member Yes
Dr. G. B. Daver Consultant Gen. Vascular & Thorasic Surgeon, Director Professional Services Member Yes
Dr. V. Khole Deputy Director National Institute for Research In Reproductive Health Member No
Dr. Premlata Varthakavi** Prof and Head Department of Endocrinology Member No
Dr. Sudeep Shah Consultant Surgeon Gastroenterology1-9-84 to 31-7-86 Member Yes
Dr. F. N. Kapadia Consultant Physician & Intensivist Member Yes
Dr. P. Abraham Consultant Gastroenterology (Physician) Member Yes
Dr. Suganthi Iyer Medico – Legal Consultant Member Yes
Mrs. S. Jaywant Lay person Member Yes
Mrs. Mona Patel** Lay person Member No
Mr. Deepak Samant * Director Finance Member Yes
Mr. Rajesh Rao * Secretary to the Board of Management Member Yes
Dr. R. Mankeshwar Consultant Statistician Invitee Member No

* Ex-officio Member
** Outside member

Research Proposal - Budget FormDownload

Ph.D. Entrance Test (PET) 2013