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> Lab Medicine


The Biochemistry Laboratory is well equipped and is in accordance keeping with the progressive outlook of the hospital. The laboratory has sophisticated state-of-the-art analyzers, Beckman Lx20 and the Synchron Cx7, which have, CAP piercing continuous loading and reporting facilities besides having the primary tube sampling facilities and Bar Code identification systems.

The entire process is integrated through Remisol and LIS. The Lx-20 is capable of handling 1200 tests per hour. The instruments are capable of processing urgent samples (STAT) and can report the value of 9 parameters within less than a minute, thus making critical information available quickly for emergency samples.

The section has the ELISE, Radiometer, Blood Gas Analyzer, Glucose II Analyser, ES-300- the automated walk away immunoassay system, TDX Analyser, LKB and Sebia Electrophoresis Unit, and Beckman Protein Array to determine small quantities of different proteins by rate nephelometry, System 700 & the Toxi Lab System.

The test menu covers over 180 different investigations ranging from the most elementary tests like glucose and electrolytes done by the state-of-the-art techniques to the most specialised tests like Tumor markers, therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical toxicology using Toxi-lab Screening by chromatographic & FPIA techniques.

The lab carries out stringent quality control for all tests, which are, performed either by the analysers, which is done at 3 levels twice a day or are done manually. The lab also participates in external Quality Control programmes from WHO and College of American Pathologists in USA.

New Tests

  • Rifampicin HPLC
  • Urinary Magnesium
  • Isoniazid HPLC
  • Transferrin Isoforms
  • Anti PLA2R Quantitative