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Premature Baby Care At P. D. Hinduja Hospital


Pushpalata Dalvi

Allied Health Sciences Courses

Allied Health Sciences Courses


Convocation Day


Robotics Surgery


Organ Donor Felicitation Day 2018

AVN (Avascular Necrosis of the Hip)

World Blood Donor Day


International Nurses Day 2017


Dr. Zarir Udwadia


Dr. Alan Almeida


Kidney Patient


Student Testimonials


Miss Meenakshi Shankar


Mr. Narayan Ramanathan


Mr. Narendar


Ms. Minal Murlidhar Telwane


Ms. Bhagyashree Sadnani

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One More Successful Liver Transplant: Another Feather
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One More Successful Liver Transplant: Another Feather
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One More Successful Liver Transplant: Another Feather
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P. D. Hinduja Hospital - Short Stay Service
P. D. Hinduja Hospital - Short Stay Service II
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World Blood Donor Day
World Blood Donor Day
P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre
AVN (Avascular Necrosis of the Hip)
Organ Donor Felicitation Day 2018
Robotics Surgery
Convocation Day
No Tobacco day Video
Allied Health Sciences Courses
Premature Baby Care At P. D. Hinduja Hospital

Experience with P. D. Hinduja Hospital

  • The Radiation treatment is one where I assume all Patients dread going to, and I certainly did. On the penultimate day of the 25 day treatment I am reflecting back on my experiences about the entire procedure. First thing that strikes me is the meticulous planning that goes into this exercise before the actual 25 day starts. The Doctors led by the able and distinguished Dr Kannan very clearly layout what to expect and how much time it will take and what side affects you can expect. They together take the S out of scare and make the CARE come through. There is a sewa atmosphere from the person at the counter taking and confirming your schedule to techincians, Nurses, the Staff and Doctors who are Kind, Patient and make you feel Comfortable. What I liked most was the Humane touch, the words that motivate and give the courage to make a difficult process bearable. Ram Ram is a call that exemplifies it.
    Jayashree Parthasarathy
  • I am writing this email to you to provide feedback on the positive experience my mother, Yasmin Masood, has had while recieving radiation treatment at your hospital for breast cancer. 1. The staff at your hospital right from the reception staff to the surgeons are all so knowledgeable, patient, and polite. They all took the time to answer my mother's questions (no matter how small or how many times she asked the same question over and over again) 2. The environment/atmosphere at the hospital is one that is very calm and, by Bombay standards, very quiet. It really does put the patients and their families at ease. My mother has a short temper at the best of times and is often anxious in new situations but being at the hospital has been a revelation - I'm honestly surprised how relatively chilled out she is. 3. Finally, your surgeons and medical staff are top notch. We feel fortunate to be in the care of the countries' best medical team and we also appreciate your professionalism.
    Yasmin Masood
  • I cannot speak highly enough about Dr Santoshi Nagaonkar. He is clearly a highly skilled surgeon but he also goes an extra mile for his patients. My father had robotic surgery last month and it was successful in spite of possibility of complications. Me and my brother are overseas and due to COVID restriction, were unable to come for the surgery. Dr Santoshi was very kind to spend time on phone to explain everything and reassure us. He was happy to answer all our queries and doubts. He spent a lot of time with my father explaining the procedure and guiding through the options. He is a dedicated professional, approachable and gem of a person. Best wishes from us.
    Mr Shah
  • Recently, I did a tele consultation with Dr. Nina Madnani of Hinduja Hospital, Mahim. Tele consultation is very convenient as I never have to wait as the doctor is always on time plus I can see improvement on my skin too. My skin has really improved over the few months even with online consultations. Its easier to communicate. She gives me time and really tries to understand whatever my issue is and the medicines prescribed to me is working well.Thank you for this hassle free tele consultation service.
    Shinova Soni
  • My video consultation with Dr. Santoshi Nagaonkar on 24.05.21 at 11.00 a.m. was very satisfactory. The main advantage was on time consultation without any Covid concerns. It was a time-saving exercise without travel concerns. The doctor's advice was also satisfactory.
    Mr. Rupani Naresh
  • I am pleased to inform you that my brother Mr. Samir Bhatkar, operated by yourself, for craniotomy and clipping of ACOM aneurysm on 17th Aug 20 and VP Shunt surgery on 21st Sept at Hinduja Hospital has been discharged and has been recovering really well since the surgery. He has been able to successfully resume all his day-to-day activities and is returning back to his normal pace of living post-surgery. He has since shown, no other complications and seems to be responding very well after your excellent treatment. I would like to take this opportunity, to whole-heartedly thank you on behalf of our entire family for your extraordinary efforts and dedication for this entire period! Not enough words can express our gratitude for your immense role in bringing Samir back to his health. It would be undoubtedly true to believe that he has been gifted a second chance after being treated by yourself and by God's grace! We are thankful to you and your entire team at Hinduja Hospital for all your efforts and for being able to receive the best healthcare service we could possibly provide for Samir. Once again, please accept our whole-hearted gesture of appreciation for your commendable hard-work and dedication. Thank you for everything,
    Dr. Shishir Bhatkar
  • This is not a review. It is to express my gratitude towards the entire team of P. D. Hinduja Hospital that treated my father, Harish Pandhi, who was admitted in S1 wing of the hospital. I would like to thank the team for their care and compassion towards my father during his Covid treatment. He was pleased with every person he came across during the treatment which helped him recover better. He has all praises for the doctors, nurses, ward boys, cleaners and the entire support staff. We appreciate the timely updates received from the hospital about the recovery status of my father. Special thanks to the doctors who took care of him, Dr Jai Mullerpattan, Dr Farhad Kapadia, Dr Ayesha Sunawala, Dr Sankhla Charulata Dr Avinash Desai, Dr Ponissery Jayarajan, Dr Arpit Sharia, Dr Saavri Lakdawala. Not to forget the resident doctors, nurses and ward boys.
    Vicky Pandhi
  • A big thank you to Dr Monica and the team of P.D.Hinduja Hospital's frontline Covid-19 warriors who are risking their lives for us and working tirelessly, burning the midnight oil, sacrificing family and social life and fearlessly tackling the menace of this pandemic. You people are just fantabulous. God bless you all for the wonderful work you are doing. We all should idealise the frontline warriors like you.
    Patient name withheld on request
  • My son, Dhiren Kishore Chawda was admitted as an emergency on 27th April, 5:30 pm, under the care of Dr Vinod Chandiramani. He had been experiencing severe abdominal pain since 23rd April. Since his admission was in the midst of the COVID pandemic, he underwent all investigations including the test for COVID. His CT scan confirmed Intestinal Obstruction. Dr Vinod Chandiramani took the call to operate upon my son as an emergency since his condition was bad. There was a high risk of the intestine bursting inside his abdomen. The operation was successful and my son was discharged on 3rd May. He is now able to eat and drink normally. I wish to thank Dr Vinod Chandirmani, his team and the staff at P.D. Hinduja Hospital for their prompt attention and treatment, despite the COVID pandemic.
    Kishore Chawda
  • My father, Navnit Vora, is admitted to P. D. Hinduja Hospital for the treatment of COVID. I was really surprised and happy to know that there is a mental health helpline initiated by the hospital. Since COVID patients can easily feel lonely, bored and restless, they come in the grip of fear so much that they start thinking negative. And that is where the mental health helpline plays a major role in not only deviating the patient from negativity but also aligning them towards their physical, mental and medical wellbeing. I really applaud the doctors (Dr Shruti in my dad's case) and the hospital for starting this initiative and working selflessly. It is because of such doctors that P. D. Hinduja Hospital has been able to keep its head high in between so many hospitals in the city. I genuinely thank all the doctors, nurses, ward boys and health care workers who are giving their time and treatment to COVID patients and sending them back home in proper health.
    Dilip Vora
  • My son, Reyaansh Joukani had an accident at home and his middle finger had a very deep cut almost making us think we lost that portion of his finger. We rushed him to P. D. Hinduja Hospital emergency under Dr. Vinod Chandiramani where he performed a high precision surgical procedure suturing his finger back. Dr Chandiramani was calm and helped Reyaansh and us be relaxed at such a difficult time. He was back home in about 30 minutes. Reyaansh's finger is healing very well now and we are extremely thankful to Dr Chandiramani and his team for attending and treating my son during the COVID pandemic, where most hospitals are unavailable for any medical assistance.
    Lakshman Joukani
  • My mother was under care from 11th to 25th May 2020 at P. D. Hinduja Hospital. She was under observation by Dr Ashit Hegde overseeing her condition of severely low sodium levels. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the care and attention the team showed her. Despite severe restrictions on visiting her, we were always able to connect with her caregivers. Hence the need to be with her was resolved. We had all the information about her health and closely monitored her latest condition. Lab reports were regularly mailed and billing information was kept updated. The support offices like customer care, billing, etc. were equally responsive and solved all concerns immediately on phone or email. We left the hospital on her recovery impressed with the professional approach. We are equally glad to have her back home in an immensely improved condition. A big thanks to the team and the institution. Our first experience at the hospital (not that one wants to return!) was a revelation on how well the hospital functions.
    Ashir Amin
  • My wife, Snehal Panchal, went to the OPD on the morning of April 14th, as she was suffering from acute abdominal pain and discomfort. The causality doctors immediately proceeded with the blood reports, sonography, and C.T Scan. As a protocol, COVID-19 tests were also taken. The next morning, it was found that Snehal's haemoglobin had dropped below 5 and her WBC was above 20000. A blood transfusion was started immediately and two pints of blood was given. On April 18th, Dr Chandiramani along with Dr Sankpal concluded that a Laparoscopy needed to be performed as their diagnosis suggested Ruptured Ectopic pregnancy. On April 20th, Laparoscopy was duly performed. Snehal's recovery began in the next two days, with proper care from the team and the doctors. She was discharged from the hospital on April 23rd. Even in this heightened pandemic condition, there was no panic anywhere and appropriate measures were taken to ensure that not only proper treatment was administered to the patient, but also COVID-19 protocols were adhered to.
    Dinesh Panchal
  • I am Anil V Kulkarni, Age 44, from Nashik, Maharashtra. I feel so blessed today because last year on the same day (09/07/2019) you operated me. I feel very fortunate that superpower sent me towards you when I had found a tumour in my brain. I do not know why, how but on the very first meeting (03/07/2019), my fear was completely gone. After that, I was the one who was giving confidence to my loved ones that I am in very able hands and everything will be fine. And till today I am feeling fit and fine. On this day of 1st year, I feel I have met a Superhero, not only of reel life but of a common man like me. No other words to express my feeling and gratitude towards you, sir! A Salute to you! Thank you for everything.
    Anil Kulkarni
  • Today I have completed 12 years after surgery done by you on me for aneurysm. I am living without any deficit or health problems because of your amazing work. I and my entire family would like to sincerely thak you for the same. May god bless you with all the happiness, health and prosperity.
    Dr. Shashi Adsul
  • Dr Nisheeta Agarwala performed cataract surgeries for both, my husband and me. I wish to record my appreciation and gratefulness to Dr. Nisheeta Agarwala who made our surgeries appear like a breeze by patiently explaining every step, the medicines and possible after-effects and symptoms. A simple fact is that fantastic surgeons alone are not enough to make the patients feel comfortable and safe. I also want to share with everyone through this forum how much I have been impressed with the promptness, efficiency and helping nature of Sister Sneha every single time we have visited the Ophthalmology department over the years.
    Sujatha Rao
  • Cornea transplant can help restore someone's vision. My father had a low vision in both eyes due to a cornea issue. Talking from my father's experience, it is a very simple procedure. It only involved 1 day of hospitalisation but it has really helped alleviate his pain and improve his vision. It is easy and very beneficial. And it was all possible because someone donated the eyes.
    Aastha Jain
  • My mother had a cataract surgery in 2015 which did not go well. After a year she had continuous problems in the eye often resulting in tearing, redness and severe pain. Drops would only give temporary relief. Finally, we visited Hinduja Hospital in 2018 and met Dr. Nisheeta Agarwala who told us that her cornea was completely damaged as the lens was touching the cornea. Giving us two options- either to remove the lens and bubbles in the cornea with no vision in the eye or do a cornea transplant. At first, we were scared as she is 80-years-old and thought it would be a painful surgery which she could not handle. Being in good health was encouraging and under the hands of Dr. Nisheeta Agarwala and Dr. Preetam Samant, she decided to have the cornea transplant. Patient Mrs. Varija Shetty is very thankful as she is free of all the pain and suffering and has good vision in the eye leading a normal life. I would encourage all individuals to donate their eyes immediately after death as it would benefit so many other patients with eye problems. And please don't be afraid to go for a cornea transplant since it is not as painful or scary as it sounds, it will improve the quality of the life of your loved ones. Thanks again Dr. Nisheeta Agarwala and Dr. Preetam Samant for giving her a second chance of leading a good life free of pain.
    Sheila Shetty
  • I had heard nightmare stories about what I had been diagnosed with (brain tumour) and its treatment. But Dr. B.K. Misra at Hinduja Hospital explained its repercussions and the motivation he gave me made me so strong that I went to the operation theatre like I go to the gym. I am grateful that my experience was so positive and simple throughout my stay at the hospital that I hardly missed the comfort of my home. I did not have to wait long and the treatment I received was very sensitive and kind. I send my heartfelt thanks to Dr. B.K. Misra, the operative team and the nurses who assisted me for a speedy recovery.
    Mr. Chandan Kumar
  • I wish to record my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Santoshi Nagaonkar and his team for the successful removal of cancerous tissues of the Prostate gland by Robotic Surgery. It is only by God's grace, I got in touch with Dr. Santoshi at the right time. Doctor explained the Robotic Surgery procedure in detail and convinced me about its significance. This gave me hope to go ahead with the operation. The post-operative care extended by Dr. Santoshi dispelled all the fear associated with the major operation and helped me recover faster. Although I came from Africa, I am extremely happy and satisfied with the co-operation extended by the supporting staff. They were very cordial and ready to attend to all my needs. My best wishes and thanks to Dr. Santoshi Nagaonkar, his team and the hospital staff. A very satisfied and Happy Patient
  • My experience at HH. I have been going to HH every year since the last 20 years to Dr. Dulari Vora for routine gynecological check-up. As per the Dr's. advice, a Mammogram every alternate year while a Pap-smear and USG pelvis were done every year and all the reports were normal. This year in March the mammogram report showed the presence of a very small area of micro-calcification in one breast. Promptly Dr Dulari Vora advised me to consult the specialist, Dr Rucha Kaushik the very same day.It was sheer coincidence that Dr. Rucha was available and on seeing the report put me at ease with her warm and caring approach and put to rest all the doubts and misgivings I had about the sudden impact of knowing the report and the procedure. The first hurdle was over. What a reliefDr. Rucha explained the procedure, its purpose and the efficacy of the choice of the procedure. The whole process was set in motion without hesitation of a doubt in my mind. I looked forward to getting the whole process done with. All our tiny and big queries were handled very well by Dr. Rucha ,and ably supported by Dr's administrative assistant, Ms. Mary Lee, who ensured all help and information required. Dr. Raju of the Mammography unit and Dr. Sabita and the staff have always been very supportive too.. As the procedure had been well explained in a lucid and simplified manner, I did not experience anxiety or fear, just peace of mind. The OT team were also wonderful, putting me at ease. Before we realized, the whole procedure was over and I returned home with ease, just the way Dr. Rucha had said. The follow-up was well attended to, with instructions about precautions to be followed. The day Dr. Rucha saw the report, I sensed relief, joy and gratitude towards all concerned at HH for this comfortable and positive experience. I owe a lot concerning my current good gynecological health status of all these years to Dr. Vora, and to Dr. Rucha for the procedure. I have penned my thoughts with the sole purpose of letting others know that a positive approach by both the consumer and that of Drs' and staff of the H can go a long way in building healthy relationships of trust and faith in the medical fraternity.
  • Words fall short and are incapable of expressing our immense joy and exuberance after the birth of our beautiful, healthy and lovely twin boys. The seeds were sowed by the late Dr. Kusum Zaveri who, with her resilience, will and determination guided us right from the start through our journey. At 40, age was catching on us and we had only little chances of conception. Although she was in pain herself with regards to her health, her supreme knowledge, selfless efforts, blessings and positive thinking helped us overcome this journey. She passed on the mettle to Dr. Hinduja and herself left for heavenly abode. It was as if we were treated by God, who came out from the photo frame, touched us, blessed us and went back. This testimonial would be incomplete without mentioning Dr. Aarti and Dr. Veena who are like left arm and right arm of Dr. Hinduja and helped us in every way possible answering our calls even at odd hours. The nursing staff headed by Sister Yashashree leads a fantastic team of assistants like Ms. Romi, Ms. Evan, Ms. Poonam and others who were courteous, smiling and discharged their duties perfectly. The team at P. D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mahim is one of the best and economical.
    Vivek V and Sowmya S Proud parents of twin boys
  • My Dad aged 89 yrs had a fall at home and fractured his spine. We were extremely tensed considering his age and the complication involved. Dr. Samir Dalvi operated on him successfully. He and his team are professional and extremely skilled.
    Mitra Khosravi
  • In February 2018, my son Ravi Jain,student at IIT Mumbai, fell down from roof of IInd floor and got injured, with a fracture in L4. I went to Dr Samir Dalvie,my son was Operated by him,he was back on his feet just after 2 days.Presently my son is perfectly i.e. 100 % quite Ok,fine. Thanks to Dr Samir Dalvie for his skills, dedication and support.God bless him.
    Sunil Bhal
  • I went to Dr. Samir Dalvie for my spine problem. For an year I could not sleep on my back and severe problems like constipation. He advised for a facet block injection with Preeti. A fortnight after that I am back to my 14hr job. I am able to sleep on my back. Thank you doctors. You really don't know how you ease our lives. Don't know how I can thank you.God bless you.
    Amitha Ramdas
  • I went to Hinduja hospital for my daughter's treatment. I met Dr A kulkarni (interventional radiologist) and Dr Manish Agrawal (orhopedic surgeon) there. Both are excellent clinician and very kind hearted persons. I am very much satisfied with the hospital. I am grateful to kulkarni sir. I highly recommend Dr A.kulkarni and Dr Manish Agrawal to all the patients going to Hinduja hospital.
    Vikram sharma
  • I was suffering from diabetes. I met Dr Phulrenu she is excellent in her talks and looks after each and every aspect of her patient. Now, I get treated by her and I am totally satisfied. The staff at Hinduja is also polite and prompt in their work. The environment and sitting arrangement, payment facility and appointment system are also excellent. I am fully satisfied with Hinduja Hospital, their doctors and staff. They cure the patient and take care of them well. God bless them all.
    Priti Thakur- Diabetes
  • My name is Nehal, I have been diagnosed with diabetes since 2015. Prior to approaching Dr Phulrenu, my levels were not in control. However, after consulting her, the position is much better. I am also 10 weeks pregnant and continuing with her guidance. I wish to thank Dr Phulrenu and Hinduja Hospital for the excellent treatment received.
    Nehal Mirajkar - Diabetes
  • My experience at Hinduja AKD centre has been very good. I have been undergoing treatment here for 8 months and I’m very satisfied. All the staff members are co-operative, helpful and caring. Any complaint of the patient is immediately resolved by consulting the concerned doctors. After dialysis, the staff members take proper care of the patient and do not relieve the patient unless treatment is complete. Even the hygiene has been well taken care of. I think it’s one of the best centres in the city.
    Niranjana Thakkar - AKD
  • I have been a patient of the AKD department at Hinduja Hospital since 2013. I visit the AKD department thrice a week and I am pleased to say that the staff are well trained and personally attend to me. They are friendly and attentive at all times. The hygiene level maintained by the department is very good. I am happy to have chosen Hinduja Hospital for my dialysis.
    Bertha Dias - AKD
  • I was diagnosed with kidney failure in the year 2006 and was put on dialysis in the year 2008 at a hospital in Navi Mumbai. My health started deteriorating to the extent that I was put on the ventilator. Fortunately, I was shifted to Hinduja Hospital.

    Due to the efforts of Dr Rasika Sirsat and other doctors, technicians and nursing staff, I recovered and from then on, I’m being dialyzed at Hinduja Hospital. The entire staff at the AKD is extremely efficient and today, I am able to lead an absolutely normal life even after being on dialysis. Thanks to Hinduja Hospital for taking good care of my health.

    Meena Tripathi – AKD
  • I want to thank Dr Ravi and Dr Nighel for their service with great humanity and humbleness thanks a ton and hope some senior Doctor learn from you how to serve with noble cause.
    Savio Sanctis
  • I, Mrs Bertha Dias am a patient of the AKD department since 2013. I visist the AKD thrice a week and I am pleased to say that the staff are well trained and give me personal attention. They are friendly and attentive at all times. The hygine level maintained in the AKD is very good. I am happy to have chosen Hinduja Hospital for my dialysis.
    Bertha Dias
  • I was diagonised with kidney failure in the year 2006, I was on dialysis in the year 2008. My health went on detiorating till the extent that I was put on ventilator. Luckily I was shifted to Hinduja Hospital. Due to the efforts of the doctor Ms. Rasika Sirsat and other doctors, technicians and nursing staff, I’ve recovered now. Since then, I’m being dialyzed at Hinduja Hospital. The entire staff at the AKD is so efficient that I am able to lead absolutely normal life even being on dialysis. Thanks to Hinduja for such an amazing treatment and service.
    Meena Tripathi
  • My experience of Hinduja AKD center has been very good. I have been taking treatment here since past 8 months and I am very pleased. All the staff members and the technicians are very efficient, co-operative, helpful and caring. Any complaint of the patient is immediately resolved by consulting the concerned doctors sometimes when the patient needs treatment after dialysis, the staff members take proper care of the patient and do not relieve the patient unless treatment is complete, which is very good. Even the standard of hygiene in the center is very good. I think it is one of the best centers in the city.
    Niranjan Thakkar
  • I had problem with my stomach initially due to fatty liver. The problem was diagnosed by Dr. Desai and he treated me. With a small dose of medicine given by him, I recovered almost fully. However, I was diagnosed with diabetes soon after. I met Dr. Phulneru who looked after each and every aspect of my health. Presently, I am undergoing treatment under her and I feel that the staff at Hinduja Hospital are polite and prompt at their work. Everything from the environment, the appointment system, the sitting arrangement, to the payment facility is excellent. I am fully satisfied with Hinduja Hospital, their doctors and staff.
    Priti Thakur
  • My name is Nehal, I've been diagnosed with Diabetes since 2015. Prior to approaching Dr. Phulrenu, my levels were not in control. However, after consulting her, my position is much better. I'm also 10 weeks pregnant currently and I am following her medication. I wish to thank Dr. Phulneru and Hinduja Hospital for their constant support, guidance and excellent treatment.
    Nehal Mirajkar
  • I have been coming to Hinduja Hospital for last 12 months under Dr. Phulrenu Chauhan. I was suffering from Diabetes. I have lost weight around 10 kgs in the last 14 months from 95 kgs to 85 kgs. Hinduja Hospital has encouraged and advised me thoroughly to seek remedy for my problem resulting a very satisfactory result. Thanking the hospital authorities and Dr Chauhan for guiding me to achieve this result.
    Gopal Motwani
  • Had to rush my wife to the hospital last night post 2 am as she was suffering from shivers, high fever and stomach infection and dehydration.. must say Dr. Supriya and her team who were on emergency duty were excellent and caring..wife got discharged post tests in two hours.
    Ashwin Mohan, Chief of Bureau, ET Now, Mumbai.
  • I am very grateful to yourself and your team for the excellent support extended by you all during my treatment for Prostate Cancer by Radiation(EBRT) & Brachytherapy at Hinduja Hospital. The excellent diagnosis and treatment coupled with your patience and kindness in treating me is extremely appreciable. It was very nice of you to have always gone out of your way and spend your time to explain the various procedures of my treatment and ensuring that I feel comfortable throughout my treatment. - Husain Biviji I had my son being treated for Thalassemia major by Doctors in Hinduja Hospital for last 8 years and would want to acknowledge & appreciate the help & support which has been extended to us over the years by the Doctors & staff of Hinduja Hospital. Would like to thank all the individuals in Hinduja Hospital for the efforts they taken to keep the patients fit & happy. - Aarti Chhabria I was admitted for Bilateral Osteoarthritis knee with versus deformity. I would like to thank the entire team of docs who prepared me for what was going to happen & the post-operative care given was beyond my expectation. I was made to feed like a small child feeling and get attention and care all the time. The nurses too were prompt, helpful, smiling at all hours. My stay in Hinduja was a pleasure and I am indeed going to recommend the same to all who seek my opinion. It was a home away from home, not forgetting the food which was simple and testy. The hygiene maintained attendant services were great too. There is not a single thing that I can point out for you to act upon.
    Heera Punjabi
  • I had admitted my mummy Mrs. Kamala Nair at Hinduja hospital for C2 Fracture surgery. She is 67 years old and most of the other hospital doctors had given up this operation fearing that she may get into multiple complication. It was Dr. Dalvi, Dr. Manish, Dr. Ameya, Dr. Kapadia and Dr. Almeda of Hinduja hospital who shown us light of hope and successfully helped my mummy to get this operation done. I really want to thanks them because they are god for us in disguise. Thanks Hinduja hospital for all the support and hope that was provided to us during our stay with you.
    Sunil Nair
  • I was having frequent and urgency urination problem. When I showed to other renowned hospitals they said to remove my uterus because it has become bulky. Took second opinion from Dr Dulari, Gyn, she suggested to show it to urologist. I consulted Dr Sagade. He is godly person, fully dedicated to his work. He is like a friend. You can ring up and tell your problem, he will always reply to sms also and console. You can wait till midnight 12, he will come and definately see all his waiting patient, even he might have undertaken severe and long hours operations. He did cystoscopy on me and suggested medicines. His team Dr Abhay, Dr Mahendra, Dr Kamal, DrMangesh, Dr Suraj, are also cooperative
    Mrs Kalpana S
  • My Dad was diagonised with carcinoma in lower mandible 7yrs back.... a surgery was done by oncologist Dr. Sultan Pradhan & Radiation by Dr. Kanan in 2006 we reached Mumbai just before the ill fated floods the next Day from Siliguri at located at the foothills of Darjelling. But the way things were handled was excellent by the Doctors and nursing staff. Currently, we make yearly visit and even my mom and Dad are under the care of Dr. Khusrav Bhajan MD for their daily medication with respect to their age at Hinduja. I thank every body at Hinduja Hospital and team of Doctors for their advice and tratment. Regards Manish Jjodia
    Manish Jajodia
  • I Underwent a stress thallium test on 30th Oct. The team was extremely polite, friendly, professional (not indicating intermediate report outomes) and organized. Consulting doctor promised to give the reports before the noon of 31st Oct and same were ready by 10am. This helped me consult my cardiologist who was on his way out for vacation of 10days. Timely report has made by day. Happy Diwali
  • this hospital is best
    mehul suthar
  • My dad had a heartattack and the hospital managed well .Dr Ameya was supportive .Dr Simran Singh was also supportive .Nursing staff was cooperative. Thanks Manish Aidasani
    manish aidasani
  • I am Vaishali Nair age 44 yrs and I am writing this weight loss story, in the hope of helping others like me who are fighting obesity. Just 6 months back I was weighing 107 kgs and had a BMI of 47. I had serious health issues before my surgery. I had Diabetes, High blood pressure, Osteoarthritis, DVT and numerous other health issues. I was severely handicapped in living my day to day life. All my previous attempts to loose weight by dieting and other means were never successful. I was not able to walk normally and had severe pain in my knees. During my knee check-up with Orthopaedic doctor he advised me to lose weight drastically and told me that this can be d. Then I decided to do something about my weight. I decided to undergo surgery for my weight loss. I am happy that I made the correct choice and went to Hinduja hospital, there I met my surgeon Dr Abeezar Sarela. Dr. Sarela is a very soft spoken person who cares very much about his patients. He gives you all the time and most importantly the knowledge and support a patient needs. He wants to help you achieve lifestyle changes and a healthy body. Hinduja hospital is very nice and clean with a beautiful environment. I felt very comfortable and was always in safe hands.

    I underwent gastric bypass bariatric surgery on 11th Jan 2012. Mine was a complicated case because of my other health issues, but Dr Sarela and his team of doctors did a thoroughly professional job. After my discharge from the hospital, I was guided by the dietician and today(23 July 2012), in a matter of just over 6 months I have lost 33 kgs of weight and I am still loosing.This weight loss has given me a new lease of life. For the first time in my life I am happy with myself and i am on the way to recovery. My quality of life has improved and all the credit goes to Dr.Abeezar Sarela, his team of doctors and the Hinduja hospital.

    If I can do it, then so can you.

    Happy Weight loss
    Vaishali Nair
  • Dear Avinash Katara Sir,

    I am forever grateful to you that you have provided permanent cure to this unheard of ailment, and for an operation which I went for against the wishes of my family and friends and I had to stick to my own convictions that hyperhidrosis is a genuine disorder and there is much more suffering involved apart from using a handkerchief.

    You have made a HUGE difference in my life by operating me to get me rid of my painfully sweating palms and feet soles.

    I wish you and 'Sweaty Palms Clinic' all the best...

    Sandeep Shrivastava
  • I am Spine Surgery Fellow and I had Hyperhidrosis since childhood. It was routine for me either to avoid shaking hands or to clean my hands before shaking. It was often embarrassing to see people rubbing or wiping their hand after shaking hands with me. I faced a lot of problem during my exams and while examining patients. I tried many options to get rid of it, including iontophoresis, but they didn't work. After this surgery, within two days I returned to work with such minimal pain that I managed without pain killers and am completely relieved of this problem of sweaty palms. One can now imagine my confidence. Thanks to Dr Katara. Sir, I really salute you!

    Dr Deepak Kumar (Mumbai)
  • I was suffering from excessive sweating of soles and palms for 3 decades and it was a big nuisance. It was affecting my personal and professional life very badly. I underwent ETS surgery by Dr Avinash Katara about 2 years back. Now I am completely rid of the problem. The surgery requires only 2 days of hospitalization. I very strongly recomend this surgery for the affected persons.

    Prof. T.N.Chandrakanth (Bangalore)
  • I was suffering from this condition called hyperhidrosis where there is excessive sweating from the soles and palms since childhood. This made it very difficult for me in day-to-day activities, even simplest things like shaking hands etc. Being a doctor, I did a lot of research on this and finally consulted Dr Avinash Katara at Hinduja Hospital after reading about the article of hyperhidrosis in the Times of India. With no delay, I underwent surgery (Endothoracic Sympathectomy - ETS). It has been five months since and I have noticed that sweating from my palms and soles has completely stopped and there have been no complications and this has helped me in day-to-day activities. It is just a 45 min procedure. I am thankful to Dr AVINASH KATARA for making this surgery successful and leading me to a better life. The services provided at Hinduja Hospital were excellent.

    Dr Akshay Dubewar (Mumbai)
  • Very good service was given to me. Had met Ms. Vora Dulari, gynec, too good she is for consultation.
    Vatsala Dasarathy via Facebook
  • Had only heard that HH was the best in Mumbai. Experienced it during my stay at S1/bed no.5 during 16-24 feb. Compliments to all. There is a lot for all service industries to learn from HH.
    Prashant Pitkar
  • I had the best care ever in a hospital. Thanks to Dr. Ashwin Sainani and his great team for their expertise and the best client orientation. Having flown to India for the first time I was abit sceptical but I got the best reception. I wish Hinduja Hospital could open up a sister branch in Uganda East Africa and save lives of so many.GREAT TEAM, GREAT JOB WELDONE.
    Immaculate Arineitwe
  • very well organised camp Good..!!
    Rashmi Kamath
  • Very well organised camp. Excellent hospitality. All the best to Hinduja in the nere future.
    J G Naakarni
  • Service was excellent. I am fully satisfied
    S Sawant
  • Very well organised, special thanks to your courteous and helpful staff
    Ramni Chandran
  • From the start to the final, on both days I found extremely courteous and competent staff- medical guidance also very thorough and in competent professional hands. A memorable experience to be cherished for several years.
    Vinay Niguakar
  • Congratulation to Hinduja Hospital on completion of 60 years. Your entire staff has given excellent and very very very good treatment and service in all respect to us. We hope we will not get sick but if we fall sick, we will like to admit in Hinduja Hospital only. I feel that Hinduja Hospital authority should arrange more and more such types of camps for senior citizens. So many other sr citizen get chance.
    Sarayu and Narendra C Mehta
  • About the camp I want to tell that vary good arrangement even though the rush is there. Thank you very much for your nice breakfast your work is very much admirable.
    Seema C Nerulkar
  • I am very much impressed by the arrangements made by Hinduja. We were treated with respect and got the support from the staff all the time. I am thankful to Hinduja for good work.
    Mrs. Vidya Nigndkar
  • I feel that I am looked after and cared for and that sombody to support me.
    A J Joseph
  • I am so joyful for your service wonderfully organized.
    Sr Cicily Chittilappilly
  • The medical check you all have done for senior citizen indeed a great job. Thanks for considering senior citizen. Thanks a lot.
    Cicily Joseph
  • Like to specially thank Dr. Milind Kirtane as i am feeling good after he has operated upon me on 01-10-2011. Drs. Deepali, Rahul,and Kiron, were very kind and friendly in nature. i would like to recommend very highly for any awards the Trust thinks fit. I would like to add the attention i received,in my room,i.e. 1230,from 30-09-2011 to 02-10-2011,by the staff was indeed very heartwarming. Thanks and a very Happy Deepawali to all at Hinduja.
    Anil Dev
  • I had been a victim of an accident a year ago. Your doctors not only operated me successfully but the care and attention taken by the staff of the physiotherapy department were excellent.
    Vijay Parekh
  • Dr. Siva has the amazing ability to encourage even the diehard lethargics to put on walking shoes and start an exercise regime.He explains the effects of over-indulgence elaborately without inducing shock or guilt feelings in the audience. He always emphasizes simple exercises entailing little or no cost, thus making it attractive for persons from all backgrounds.

    James Ferrao - Seimens

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