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Become a Egg / Sperm Donor?

Donating sperms / egg is a generous act that will enable childless to fulfill their dream of having a family. For many individuals and couples, using donor sperms and egg is their only chance of having a baby.

Requirement to become a donor:-

Sperm donor:-

  1. Age should be between 21 - 45 years
  2. No history of any significant medical or genetic illness and STD
  3. Anyone who is in good physical and mental health and a good character background
  4. The person should be willing to keep in contact with the IVF centre for minimum period of 6 months.

Egg donor:-

  1. Age should be between 21 - 35 years
  2. Previous successful pregnancy
  3. Free from any major medical / genetic disorder and STD

If you are interested kindly contact us through this website ivf@hindujahospital.com. Detailed medical assessment and screening of blood test will be done. Counseling will be provided to the eligible person.