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Need Egg Donation?

There are few women who are unable to produce their own egg, those women can take advantage of our egg donation programme. Donor oocytes are being used more and more now a days, as a means to create a family. In couple where the female partner no longer possess the biological ability to create a child there is growing demand for oocytes donation from women in their early 40s who fail to conceive after several years of IVF with their own oocytes. It is found that women after 40 years of age have better pregnancy rate with donor oocytes.

Egg donation is required for following patients:

  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Menopausal women
  • Failed IVF due to poor quality oocytes
  • U/L or B/L ovarian disease or surgery
  • Risk of inheritable genetic disease in children

The process starts with selection of a donor, candidate will be anonymous donor who has been approved after a series of medical and genetic screening synchronization of the menstrual cycle of the donor and recipient will be done. The egg donor is then given medication to grow multiple eggs which are then collected and fertilized with recipient's husband's sperm in the lab and the embryo which is produced is then transfer into patient's (recipient) uterus, complete confidentiality is maintained. Extra embryos created from her eggs can be frozen and then can be used in future for further attempts if required. We try and match donor's character such as age, height and eye colour to those of the recipient. The process not only gives the couple joy and parenthood but also gives the woman the opportunity to experience joy of being pregnant. The donors are recruited after complete physical examination. They (donor and her husband) undergo the blood tests like HIV, Hepatitis B and C and VDRL