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Taking Drugs

In all cases, all drugs should be taken only as per advice of the treating specialist. In most of the cases it is advised to get them administered through a trained professional. Few patient those opting to self-administer the medicines may follow below mentioned instructions.

Gonadotrpin releasing hormone (Lupron) Injection Instructions:

  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
  • Assemble supplies: two alcohol wipes, one tissue, one syringe, medication.
  • At first use, remove and discard plastic cap off the medication.
  • Clean the Lupron vial with an alcohol wipe.
  • Remove cap from syringe exposing needle.
  • Pull the syringe plunger back until its tip is at the proper dose mark. Insert needle straight and firmly into the rubber center of the vial and push the plunger all the way in.
  • Turn the vial upside down.
  • Pull the syringe plunger down filling the medication slightly below the line adding 0.2cc (or 0.1cc if that is your dose) and remove from the vial.
  • Hold the syringe needle up and flick with finger to remove any air bubbles.
  • Hold the syringe and new alcohol wipe in the right hand.
  • Choose injection site, rotating sides daily. Pinch the skin gently with the left hand.
  • Wipe area then save wipe to wipe the area again after the injection.
  • Holding the syringe like a dart, perpendicular to the skin, briskly insert small needle quickly and entirely into the skin.
  • Slowly inject all medication, release the pinch and remove syringe. Cover the area with alcohol wipe then with tissue.

HCG Injection Instructions

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone naturally secreted by the placenta. This hormone is given to women with fertility issues, in order to increase their ability to conceive, as it is vital for the survival of the future infant.

  • Open the vials of HCG and diluents and clean the needle using an alcohol pad (even if it's just opened).
  • Fill the syringe with HCG by pulling the plunger back as much as you want to insert (as recommended by your doctor usually 1-2 cc), then, insert the needle in the vial, turn the vial upside-down and push all the air out into the vial, allowing the solution to fill in the syringe.
  • Use a pad with alcohol and sterilize the area you are about to inject.
  • Always flick the needle before injection in order to avoid injecting any air bubbles, and press the plunger just a little bit to see a few small splashes of the solution.
  • Grab a portion of the skin just sanitized and quickly, with a dart like motion, plunge the needle in, making sure that no blood flows back and the needle is inserted deep enough.
  • Push the plunger slowly to insert the solution and then swab the injected area again, letting the alcohol to dry.
  • Similar method is followed for injection of FSH. 2-3 vials will be dissolved in 1-2cc of solvent as per doctor's prescription.