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Specialty Clinics

Breast Clinic:

With the most advanced and widest range of surgeries from conservative to aesthetic treatments, the new comprehensive Breast Clinic is the beginning of a full-fledged Women's Clinic, offering every feminine healthcare need, under one roof. Currently, the clinic lays special emphasis on the surgical component of breast cancer recovery and breast health.

Patients here can be assured of unparalleled, personal care and attention, as well as superior facilities for Consulting, Sonography and Mammography, including Oncoplastic surgeries.

Besides a dedicated OPD and Consultants every Friday, our Day Care houses equipment like the Vacuum Assisted Biopsy Device for excision biopsies and minor surgeries of fibroadenomas. This means a scar less surgery. This enhances the quality of our practice, as well as the time within which patients receive the right treatment.

Equipped with most advanced technology, and medical expertise in breast care, the P.D. Hinduja Hospital Breast Clinic has the advantage of more effective diagnostic capabilities to address the changing epidemiology of breast cancer.

Make an appointment at the Breast Clinic at P.D. Hinduja Hospital and get treated to prime facilities and conveniences:

Same Day Walk In Walk Out

Patients get a provisional diagnosis within an hour, while the biopsy may also be done during the same visit to avoid multiple trips.

Integrated Care

An expert panel consisting of Breast, Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologists and Clinical Onco-psychologists to ensure comprehensive diagnosis.

Day Care Facility

Patients receive chemotherapy under expert supervision of medical oncologists, in a serene comforting environment, with less chances of acquiring hospital based infections.

Rehabilitation & Counselling for Cancer Patients

Trained Oncology Specialists and Diet Counselors offer medical and lifestyle advice for a complete recovery, and better quality of life thereafter.

Women's Wellness and Cancer Clinic:

Women are different, and their health issues need different attention. We at P.D. Hinduja Hospital understand this difference. That's why we've created the Women's Multispecialty Clinic, a space where women are understood, advised, directed, healed, and treated with delicate care.

From a Maternity Ward to a Breast clinic, this comprehensive multispecialty centre answers every medical question, and need a woman may have. The next time your grandmother, mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or aunt need medical attention; bring her to the place meant just for her.

Centre for Obesity Surgery:

The first comprehensive Bariatric centre in the western suburbs is here at P.D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Khar Facility. The centre includes an OT table for patients weighing up to 500 kg, special beds, well equipped Intensive Care Unit, CT scan, and highly trained anaesthetists. The centre is managed by two of the most experienced, senior bariatric surgeons, Dr Ramen Goel, and Dr.Sanjay Borude who are pioneers in safe, scar-free, mini laparoscopic bariatric surgery, with a patient base spanning the world; and comprising of India's top industrialists, politicians, Bollywood celebrities, and bureaucrats.

Bariatric surgery is becoming increasingly popular in safely treating diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, PCOD, infertility, and sleep apnea, and is covered by several insurance companies for reimbursement.

Thus, the Centre for Obesity Surgery is dedicated to provide patients maximum comfort and privacy, while minimizing movement, and time, from consultation to surgery.

Foetal Medicine Clinic:

Maternal Foetal Medicine is a super-specialty with a competence in various obstetric, medical and surgical demands of pregnancy. It's training and technical proficiency involves the consultation and care for both mother and foetus (unborn baby).A Maternal Foetal Medicine specialist provides education and research concerning the most recent approaches to the diagnosis and management of obstetric problems, and therefore promotes awareness of the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for optimal management of complicated pregnancies.

The Maternal Foetal Medicine Centre at P.D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Khar Facility is a multispecialty clinic; with the advantage of all the existing clinical, imaging, laboratory facilities. Rest assured, our professional team has everything it takes to put your natal anxieties at ease and guide you and your family to well-being.

Services available at our Maternal Foetal Medicine Centre are Genetic Counselling, Evaluation and Diagnosis, Ultrasound, Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) and Amniocentesis, Pre-pregnancy Counselling, Carrier testing, Diagnostic testing, Laboratory Services, Tertiary Care, Education program and materials.