Case Studies

Case Study 1:
A 2-day-old baby from Jawhar Taluka in Thane district was brought to Hinduja Hospital with several complications in August 2017. The baby had severe breathing difficulty since birth. The child was diagnosed with Diaphragmatic Hernia - intestinal loops inside the chest. He was immediately given IV fluids, stabilized and then operated for Diaphragmatic Hernia. Although the surgery was successful, even after 28 days, the child was not able to take more than 35cc of milk. This had the doctors investigate further and an upper gastrointestinal barium study was done which revealed that the child had developed Hiatus Hernia. An operation was successfully performed and now the child is doing well. The boy also has complete cleft lip and cleft palate which will be operated after 3 months and 6 months, respectively. He is being regularly monitored through our rural health program.

Case Study 2:
A 45-year-old lady visited the Gynaecology camp in January 2016 with complaints of discharge, bleeding, etc. The Gynaecologist on board in the BMHU attended to the patient's complaints and immediately conducted a pap smear test. The sample was sent to P. D. Hinduja Hospital and the tests confirmed it to be Ca. Cervix. The patient was operated by surgical oncologist, Dr. Hemant Tongoankar, on 28th January 2016. Her post-operative care and treatment was monitored by the doctors and social workers from the team.

Case Study 3:
A 7-year-old girl was brought to the MHU OPD with history of burns in childhood which her parents had neglected. The burns had led to contracture and restricted movement of the elbow. The girl was operated at P. D. Hinduja Hospital by plastic surgeon, Dr. Anil Tibrewala, in 2014. The elbow movement is better and is being monitored continuously.