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  • 11 Mobile Health Unit fleet comprising of 2 Advanced MHU's (AMHU) and 9 BMHUs (including specialty units like 1 Gynaecology van, 1 Ophthalmology van, 1 Physiotherapy van and 1 Paediatric van.
  • Over 6500 eye check-ups done and free spectacles distributed where needed.
  • Over 3 lakh patient visits.
  • Over 8000 gynaecologist consultations done through gynaecology van.
  • Over 3500 school children provided with health education, nutrients / supplements and access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation facilities.
  • Increase in average weight of children from 2.2kg to 2.8kg over one year.
  • Selected by the Health Ministry of Maharashtra state to conduct joint weekly OPDs in the Primary Health Centres (PHC) of Jawhar Taluka since Sept 2016.