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Mobile Health Units

The Mobile Health Units (MHUs) work in a Hub and Spoke format to ensure better geographical coverage, with the Advanced Mobile Health Unit as the Hub and the Basic Mobile Health Units as the Spoke, to penetrate deep inside the hamlets/padas. We are currently operating a fleet of 11 Mobile Health units comprising of 2 AMHUs and 9 BMHUs (including 1 Gynaecology van and 1 Ophthalmology van).

The AMHU covers the larger villages and are placed in strategic locations. It is equipped with basic diagnostic and curative facilities. BMHU identifies potential sick people from the interior areas like the agricultural fields, bricks kilns, and water sources, etc. where people work every day and where the AMHU cannot reach. This will ensure that all the people who cannot come to the AMHU can also be reached. For patients needing advanced Lab Testing, their samples will be processed in AMHU. Those needing immediate tertiary care intervention are suitably transferred to the nearest medical centre. Periodic specialist consultation camps are organized in the location where MHUs are located.

The Mobile Health Units are designed and fabricated to include specific dimensions and requirements of the local environmental conditions like non availability of electricity, extreme weather conditions, water scarcity, the hilly region and bad roads.

Advanced Mobile Health Unit (AMHU)

  • X-Ray
  • Patient examination and dressing facility
  • Free medicine dispensing
  • Sample processing for specific Biochemistry and Hematology
  • Facility for health education to the common man
  • Nebulisation
  • ECG
  • Immunization & Vaccination advice / counselling

Basic Mobile Healthcare Unit (BMHU)

  • Basic monitoring of healthcare status of villagers
  • Access to interiors of the village
  • Clinical check up by doctors
  • Basic health guide to the villagers
  • Nebulisation
  • ECG
  • Free dispensing of medicine
  • Sample processing for CBC, Urine, Sugars
  • Screening of patients for consultation or tests in AMHU
  • Immunization & Vaccination Advice / counselling
  • Emergency transport if required