The First Indian lady to get a Lung Transplant Walks home from Hinduja Hospital

Mrs. Jayshree Mehta who underwent a lung transplant surgery in the hospital
walks home to a new life; Hinduja Hospital creates history
with the first lung transplant on an Indian lady

Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai a Premier tertiary healthcare destination in India has created another history by successfully performing the lung transplant on a 41 year old Indian lady from Mumbai on the night of July 11, 2012. Mrs. Jayshree Mehta, a resident of Vile Parle, Mumbai was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis – a condition in which lung tissue gets scarred and breathing becomes progressively difficult. The last two years have been difficult for Jayshree as she was confined to her home due to breathlessness.

The credit for the success of 12 – hour surgery goes to the entire team present during the operation Headed by heart and lung transplant surgeon of Hinduja Hospital – Dr. Jnanesh Thacker, Dr. Gustad B. Daver, Surgeon and Director, Anaesthetist - Dr. Jacquiline D'Mello & Dr. Supriya Gajendragadkar and Nurses.

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Dr. Jnanesh Thacker who has been extensively trained in USA at University of Pittsburg and Temple University for performing Lung and Heart transplant for 6 years has been very pleased with the outcome of first transplant he has done in India and thanked the Trustees and Management for the successful beginning and for the support and help given at every stage.

Dr. Gustad B. Daver, who is also President, ZTCC (Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Centre), and was trained for Organ Transplant at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA, said that although the surgery is a landmark achievement, we need to work harder to get more organs from Brain Dead Cadavers. The Act came into force since 1994; ZTCC has been making a sustained effort to educate the Doctors and the Society to identify brain dead donors. This will enable Doctors to use two Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Heart, Pancreas, eyes, etc. which will give a new lease of life to patients suffering from end stage organ disease. Hinduja Hospital is already running a successful kidney & liver transplant programme.

Dr. Zarir Udwadia, Pulmonologist, Hinduja Hospital whom Mrs. Jayshree Mehta had consulted said, "Definitive treatment for end stage lung diseases due to interstitial lung disease (ILD) and chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) is lung transplantation. Patients with these diseases should be referred early to a transplantation programme, so that they have adequate time for evaluation and listing. The donor organs are always a scarce resource in all countries, so we need to create more awareness for organ donation".

Dr. Jnanesh Thacker also appreciated the brilliant multidisciplinary team of anaesthesiologists, intensivists, perfusionists, nurses, operation theater attendants and the transplant co-ordinator, who worked together like a clock. Extremely grateful to the family of the organ donor, who in their time of sorrow, showed such magnanimity by donating lungs that will give Mrs. Jayshree Mehta a new lease of life, he said.

Mrs. Jayshree Mehta who was under observation after the surgery finally walked home freely on August 13, 2012 – A Miracle of Modern Science for her and A History for the hospital.