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Dr. Vrajesh Udani

Dr. Vrajesh Udani

Consultant Pediatric Neurologist

MBBS, M.D (Pediatrics), Diplomate of American Board of Neurology with Special competence in Child Neurology, Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology

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Area Of Interest

  • Intractable Epilepsy.
  • Neurometabolic Disorders.
  • Autism and other Neurologic problem

Professional Experience

Dr. Vrajesh Udani is a Full time Hospital Based Consultant in Pediatric Neurology with us since December 1990. He possess more than 34 years of clinical experience.
He serves to a large referred population of children with intractable epilepsy, neurometabolic disorders, autism and other neurologic problems.
He also manages a "Child Developmental Clinic" - an active postgraduate training program that attracts pediatricians from all parts of the country.
He also is Honorary Asst. Professor Pediatrics & Neurology at Grant Medical College,Mumbai andHonorary Consultant In Child Neurology at Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children (Pediatric Post-graduate Institute), Parel, Mumbai, since April 1995.

His prior experience is summarized below:

  • 1977 - M.B.B.S.  from Grants Medical College University of Bombay.
  • 1981 - M.D. Pediatrics, Grant Medical College & JJ group of hospitals
  • 1988 - Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology
  • 1989 - Diplomate of the American Board of Neurology with special competence in Child Neurology

Experience Abroad (USA):

  • 1983-86: Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology ( 3 years). He was bestowed with authorities of Chief Resident during the last year of this program.
  • 1986-87: Fellowship in Neurophysiology.
  • 1987-88: Fellowship in PL-3 Pediatric residency - State University of New York, Health Science Center Brooklyn and King’s County Hospital, Brooklyn, New York.
  • 1996-97: Fellowship in Epilepsy Surgery at Epilepsy/ Neuroscience Center, Miami Children’s Hospital.

Experience in India: 

  • 1979-82:  Pediatric residency 3.5 years. He worked as Chief resident for 2 years and dedicated 6 months each in Neonatology & Neurology.
  • 1978-79:  Internships at Grant Medical College & JJ group of hospitals, Mumbai


He has received various awards to his credit.

1. Dr.RS Poredi gold medal & prize 1977, for securing the highest marks in Medicine.
2. Govind Vishnu Juvekar prize 1980, for securing the highest marks in Medicine in 1977.
3. Shri Kund Gordhandas Bhalja prize for Medicine for 1977.
4. P.F. Soonawala prize for Medicine in 1977.
5. Kaikhushroo Sorabji Kanga scholarship for 1977.Ranked lst. in the Class & in Medicine in the University of Bombay.

M. D.

Dr. Manek Bhagat gold medal for the highest rank in Pediatrics. 1981.



  • Life Member - Indian Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Member - Indian Epilepsy Association, India.
  • Member - Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Member - The Neurology Society of India
  • Past Member - Child Neurology Society, USA
  • Past Member - American Epilepsy Society, USA

Other Positions:

- Patron and advisor - Maharashtra   Dyslexia   Association

- Teacher and Examiner - M Ed ( Special Education) SNDT Women’s University,  Juhu, Mumbai. 1990-1997.

- Advisor - Lady Anusuya Singhania Medical Research Society, Kota, Rajasthan.1989-1996

- Member - Asia Pacific IVIG Advisory Board.2003.

- Member - Consensus committee convened by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.2003.

- Referee for Indian Pediatrics
                 Indian Journal Of Pediatrics
                 Neurology India
                 Journal of Postgraduate Medicine
                 Journal of the Association of Physicians Of India
                 Indian Journal of Pediatric Neurosurgery
- Guest Editor Indian J Ped. 72;4 2005

Conferences Organized

Joint Organizing Secretary – International Update in Neurosciences: November 8-12 1993 Mumbai, India.  .

Joint Organizing Secretary - 1st International Update in Pediatric Epilepsy. 1998.

Organiser - 40th National Conference, Indian Academy of Pediatrics (PEDICON 2003)

Member - Scientific Committee, Asian-Oceanic Congress of Child Neurology, New Delhi,2004.

Member - Organising Committee, IVIG in Neurology- Satellite meeting, Asian Oceanic Congress of Neurology, Singapore 2004

Joint Organiser : Asia-Pacific Childhood Disability Update, Mumbai,2005.

Organiser: National Consensus Meeting, 2006 at Hinduja Hospital.


Dr. Udani has authored books, presented papers and participated as faculty at various national and International conferences. He has been actively providing guest lectures at various conferences and institutions.
He also has various National and International publications to his account. He also headed various nationally and internationally acclaimed research activities.
Details of few are herein:


- Detection of HTLV I DNA & Antigen in Blood & Spinal Fluid in Patients of Chronic Progressive Myelopathy: S.Bhagavati, R.Kula, V.P.Udani, B.Poiesz. NEJM 318(18) 1141-7.May 1988.

- Megelencephalic Leukodystrophy in an Asian Indian Ethnic Group.B.Singhal, R. Gurshahni, V. Udani, V. Biniwale .Pediatr Neurol 1996 14(4) 291-6.

- Difficult to control epilepsy in childhood-a long term study of 123 cases:V.P.Udani, Dharnidharka, A.Nair, M.Oka. Indian Pediatrics 30:10 1190-1206.Oct. 1993

- Para/post infectious recovering encephalitis with localised basal ganglia involvement: V.P. Udani, V. Dharnidharka,  AR Gajendragadkar,  Indian Pediatrics 34(8): 721-6 1997 August.

- Extra and central pontine myelinolysis in a child with adrenal insufficiency. V.P. Udani, Dharnidharka, A. Gajendragadkar, B.D’Souza. Pediat Neurol. 17/2 Sep.97; 158-160
- Sporadic Stiffman in a Young Girl.V.P. Udani, V. Dharnidharka, A. Gajendragadkar, S. Udani   Pediatric Neurology. 17(1): 58-60, 1997 July

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- Neurometabolic Disorders - a clinical approach: VP Udani, Pediatric Clinics of India.

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- Principles of Management of Epilepsy. B. Talukdar., VP Udani. Pediatrics today Vol ii (2) 181-186, March- April 1999

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- Randomized Treatment Study of Inosiplex Versus Combined Inosiplex and Intraventicular Alpha Interferon In Sub-acute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) - International Multicenter Study: The International Consortium On SSPE. Ankara, VP Udani, Chaula Sanghani, Hinduja National Hospital & Research Center Providence, et al. Accepted for publication  J Child Neurol 2003

- Head Up Tilt Test In The Diagnosis Of Neurocardiogenic Syncope In Childhood And Adolescence. VP Udani, Bavdekar M, Karia S, Neurol India.2004 Jun; 52(2):185-7.
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- Acute Infantile Encephalopathy Predominantly Affecting The Frontal Lobes (AIEF) – Indian Pediatric – DOI 10.1007/s12098-011-064-3.


Chapters in Textbooks & Other Publications:

- Motor Weakness in Infancy and Childhood - Clinical Approach. VP Udani Pg 278-281, IAP Textbook of Pediatrics 1999. Editor: A Parthasarthy. Jaypee Medical Publishers, New Delhi.

- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. VP Udani Pg 938-957, Vol 1, Textbook of Pediatrics 1998. Editor: P.M. Udani. Jaypee Medical Publishers, New Delhi.

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