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Healthy Apps!

With lifestyle becoming busier day by day, you might be spending most of your time checking and replying to e - mails, messages and phone calls. As a busy individual you might miss your meals or overindulge on fast food, also you may forget to perform the minimal physical activity required during a day. But you still have a chance to track your fitness and health using your phone.The apps in your smart phone can prove to be a great companion to keep track of your health and wellness. We have identified few of them here:

RunKeeper :- This app helps you track your pace, distance, time and heart rate while running and other fitness activities.
Instant heart rate :- The app turns your phone into a heart rate monitor and provides real-time PPG (EKG-like graph), and can be used in optimizing your fitness regime and tracking the progress.
Stress Check :- It helps quantify your level of psychological or physical stress, by measuring heart rate. One can also determine the effects of different stressors manage stress and monitor improvement. Inherently, it is supposed to trim down odds of occurrence of stress related disorders.
Lose It! :- The app motivates dieters by allowing them to log their diet goals and their daily caloric intake. The app keeps a track of food intake and exercise within the budget of an individual.
Fitness Buddy :- The app hosts more than 1700 unique exercises and has 1000+ HD videos. Helps make your own workout routines. Assists in Body metrics tracking like Body weight and metrics, and graphs the progress.
Glucose Buddy :- The app is mainly a data storage utility for people with diabetes. Users can log their Blood Glucose levels, Food Intake, Medications, Insulin Dosages, Physical Activities, HbA1C scores, Blood Pressure, Weight and relevant information and can keep a track of their progress and control diabetes.

All the above apps are Free and are available for Android & iPhone.

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