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Lifestyle Modification Programme

Life Style Modification aims at creating awareness about the individual life style and its impact on Health (Physical & Mental) and provides insights into strategies for lifestyle modification.

The programme is based on sound scientific principles and methodologies adopted from medical and behavioral sciences for self-management and long term behavioral change. It is a highly individualized coaching programme, designed to help people make informed choices about behavior change through education, motivation, reinforcement of healthy choices and measured outcomes/ benefits.

This new approach to health and wellness shall ensure, in the long run, improved physical and mental fitness, productivity and work-life balance.It is driven by the growing awareness and emphasis on achieving wellness on all its seven fronts: physical, mental, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental and spiritual. Each of these aspects is hugely influenced by your lifestyle, both in wellness and disease.

In this program, Our Lifestyle Intervention Consultants will work collaboratively with you to:
Assess Health and readiness to change. This is done through a

"Lifestyle Audit" Aimed at Identifying:

  • levels of stress & its sources ( personal or professional)
  • Health Profile
  • Attitude Profile
  • Psychological Aspects of Stress
  • May include Current Lifestyle Pattern
  • Set Realistic goals and establish an action plan
  • Identify systematic strategies under Behaviour Modification Technique or Counselling
  • Recognize barrier and relapse triggers

The Programme as a Whole is Designed To:

  • Understand the current lifestyle of the individual
  • Provide customized steps for lifestyle modification to prevent and regress illnesses
  • Help develop positive attitudes, emotions and behavior
  • Impart techniques to cope with stress
  • Hand holding at every level to ensure high level of compliance
  • Identify and avoid barriers and relapse triggers

For more details : https://www.hindujahospital.com/preventive-healthcare/lifestyle/introduction.html

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Dr. Rajaram Amrut Bhalerao Dr. Rajaram Amrut Bhalerao
(The Guiding Marshal, P. D. Hinduja Hospitals)
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Featured Doctor

Featured Doctor
Dr. Barun Kumar Nayak  
Dr. Barun Kumar Nayak Consultant Ophthalmologist and Head, Department of Ophthalmology
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