Outpatient & Inpatient Services

Your Clinic Visit - Out-Patient Services

Our outpatient division offers services such as consultations, tele-consultations and joint clinics as well as therapeutic, preventive, diagnostics, and rehabilitative services.

Your Hospital Admission – Inpatient Services

Besides providing you with the best of medical care, we make every endeavour to make your hospital stay a comfortable and convenient experience.

Patient Services

Medical Insurance & TPA Services

Understand your pre-admission, admission requirements and procedures involved.


High-quality, hospital-like care that’s convenient, saves time and is suitable for all patients.

Hospital Tour Guide

Your guide to locate various services across the hospital.

Medical Reports

Enter your HH Number, EX Number, or Order Number and view or print the reports available to you.

Interim Bills for Admitted Patients

Enter your Admission Number to view your interim provisional bill. A few services may not be included in this statement.

Make Online Payment

Make quick and easy payments towards preventive health check-ups, for consultation fees, pay IPD bills, and more.

HealthFirst- Preventive Health Check Up

A step towards your healthy future

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Short Stay Service

Dedicated facility for procedures and surgeries, requiring just a day’s stay – same day discharge

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Drug and Poison Centre

Exclusive service, providing expert information and advice for the complete range of emergency Drug & Poison decontamination treatment

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