Our commitment to charity

Our founder Shri P.D. Hinduja believed that health and education are the birthright of all. In line with this philosophy and one of his guiding principles “Work to Give”, P.D. Hinduja Hospital has been providing charitable treatment to the poor and needy since inception.

Charity at the Hospital

Charity at the Hospital

The hospital provides free or concessional treatment to the needy patients, who cannot afford it. The extent of concession is based on the socio economic status of the patient, including the income levels. Over the last decade, more than a lakh patients have benefited from the charitable treatment provided by the hospital. The charitable treatment is subject to patient fulfilling the necessary criteria, furnishing the necessary documents and bed availability under the category.

“Serve with Passion” Rural Health Program

Rular Health Mobile Bus

The Rural Health Program was started in the year 2012 and provides healthcare services to the poorest of communities in the tribal areas of Maharashtra, through a fleet of 12 Mobile Health Units, having state-of-art medical equipment. Apart from providing healthcare access to the poor, the hospital also conducts heath education programmes for children and adults and special camps. The Hinduja Hospital's Serve with Passion – Rural Health Program won the 2nd place in CSR Health Impact Award in 2018 and is selected by the Health ministry of Maharashtra state to conduct joint weekly OPDs in the Primary Health Centres (PHC). Since inception, the program has seen over 3 lakh patient visits

The program provides:

Free access to primary healthcare

Free access to primary healthcare, diagnostics and medicines through various general OPD and specialty camps.

Physiotherapy treatments

Physiotherapy treatments by our expert physiotherapists in a specially equipped mobile health van.

Eye checkup

Eye checkup through Ophthalmic Van, of children and adults for eye related issues.

Women Health

Ensuring Women's Health by conducting pap smear tests and training women in self breast examination for early cancer detection.

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Antenatal and Postnatal Care for pregnant women by our specialized gynaecologist and provision of nutrients / supplements, to tackle issues related to low birth weight.

Care for Mother and New Born

Care for Mother and New Born till 6 months of age by our pediatrician and gynaecologist. Provision of baby kit with mattress, blankets, mosquito nets, wrapping clothes, socks, caps, etc.and promoting breastfeeding

Anganwadi program

Anganwadi program to address the malnutrition challenges faced by children in the 0-6 years’ age group by providing them with weekly supply of nutrients and supplements including rajgirichikki, biscuits, chickpeas, peanuts etc

School Health Program

School Health Program - Routine health checkups, deworming of school children and providing them with footwear, rainwear and winter wear as a preventive measure against illness.

Health Education Workshops

Health Education Workshops for adults and children covering issues like nutrition, addiction, hygiene, lifestyle diseases, 'Know Your Body', etc.

Provision of hygiene facilities

Provision of hygiene facilities at schools including hand wash dispensers, soaps, towels etc.

Ensuring clean sanitation conditions

Ensuring clean sanitation conditions at schools by building separate toilets for girls and boys and providing water supply.

Providing safe drinking water

Providing safe drinking water by installing water filters in schools.

You Can Help Save Lives

Live to Give Hope is a benevolent fund, set-up to help provide poor and needy patients with quality medical facilities. The fund is inspired by the life of Smt. Lalita G. Hinduja, who dedicated over 30 years of her life in developing a charitable medical institute of repute and impacted the lives of many. Click here for details

We set aside a vast outlay from our funds towards charitable treatment. However, given the magnitude of the task, your contribution can provide the much needed additional support and make a difference.

You could donate for

  • Our overall charity progamme
  • A specific of surgery, procedure or type of patients at the hospital like Cancer, Pediatric, Spine, Long staying ICU patients, Kidney etc.
  • Our rural health progamme

Donate Online

You can also donate by cheque, by filling -in the donation from at the hospital and handover the same to our customer care team. You may also download the form here and courier the same with the cheque to : Live to Give Hope, 4th floor OPD Building, P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Veer Savarkar Marg, Mumbai -400016 (India)

These donations are exempt from income tax under 80G.

For any further details or queries, contact us at livetogive@hindujahospital.com or on 022-24447724 (9.30 am -5.30 pm) all working days.