The Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) is a primary resource for poison education, prevention and treatment advisory and is aimed at providing complete range of drug and poison decontamination treatment services.

The Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) at P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre was established in October 2007 and offers free and confidential services. The centre functions from 7am to 7pm and can be accessed by a direct dial facility number 022-2446 4600. The calls coming to the center are handled by the DPIC staff, who are qualified Pharmacists. DPIC can be accessed by any Consultant, Surgeon, Physician and Residents.

The DPIC being part of the medical facility is able to provide immediate, free, and expert treatment advice and assistance over telephone in case of exposure to poisonous or hazardous substances. It provides information on antidotes (including Indian antidotes) and various therapeutic drugs and also provides information on drugs used in treatments, in monitoring side effects, and any adverse drug reactions. The lab tests that are recommended use the Micromedex Database (for poisons and drugs) which has been accepted all over the world. The centre answers questions on personal care products, household products, medicines, pesticides, plants, bites and stings, food poisoning, alcohol, gases, fumes, etc.

The centre on receiving a call notes down detailed information about the patient like name, gender, age, weight, medical history, symptoms, status of the patient, location at the time of admission, initial treatment, content and quantity of the drug / poison consumed. In addition to this, the name and designation of the doctor, his contact details (E-mail, fax no, phone no,) and name of the hospital is a must.

The DPIC liaises with various poison centres from across the world as and when required and any specific queries are answered as and when details of patient information are shared.