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About Short Stay Service

The Short Stay Service is a unique concept initiated by P. D. Hinduja Hospital that caters to patients undergoing surgeries and procedures that require a day's stay in the hospital. The most common procedures done under day care surgeries are: cataract, general surgery, ENT, removal of cysts and more. All category of surgeries which require only a day stay are done in Short Stay Service which can belong to Minor, Intermediate, Major, Major Plus category. The 19-bedded Short Stay Service Unit (SSSU) is dedicated facility that acts like a hospital within a hospital wherein a patient can get admitted in the morning and is discharged the same day evening. The department is open round the clock except holidays and Sundays.

Bookings & Admissions

While booking an admission, all formalities needs to be completed along with a payment of ₹5000 post which a reservation number will be given. This amount will be adjustable in your final bill. In case of cancellation, the amount will be refunded only based on doctor's letter.

In case of Telephonic Bookings, you may email scanned copy of admission note by doctor and other documents on or fax at 02224445907 mentioning your contact no. and your HH No. (if you have).

Patients are also requested to mention their mobile number to receive the booking status and email ids to receive laboratory reports while booking. The laboratory reports can be viewed online on the hospital website


As much as we would like to provide you with your preference of accommodation, due to overload in admissions, reservation does not confirm the bed of your choice. You will receive a confirmation call between 11 AM to 7 PM from the customer care a day prior to the date of expected admission. In case you do not receive any confirmation call, please call on 9757 33 0707 between 8 AM to 8 PM. Admission timings will be informed as per bed availability. Although complete care is taken to allot you bed at the assured time, kindly bear with us in unforeseen circumstances.

For Corporate

For Corporate

Corporate patients with medi-claim need to ensure that their admission authorization letter mentions Short stay unit/ bed charges entitlement which should be same or higher than the mentioned bed tariffs. You may send the copy of your letter to 9757 33 0707 or fax at 022-24445907 to help us confirm your letter validity at least a day prior to admission.

For Cash Patients

For Cash Patients

All cash paying patients need to pay complete surgery deposit/package amount/deposit as advised by the doctor at the time of admission. Please keep all original deposit receipts safely to be produced at the time of discharge.

Cashless Facility

Cashless Facility

Patient availing cashless facility should submit preauthorization form duly filled and signed by their doctor to TPA desk located on West block Ground floor at least 3 days prior to expected admission date.

Pre Admission Guidelines

  • Patients are admitted only on the day of procedure.
  • All pre-operative / pre-admission investigations as advised by your doctor should be done prior to admission. Home sample collection services care@home can be availed at 022 67668181 / 45108181 between 8a.m to 8p.m. Charges range from ₹130 to ₹200*/visit/ person depending on the collection location.
  • You may bring any other previous reports for reference.
  • You are requested to carry the medicines, inhalers you are currently prescribed.
  • A list of any known allergies and sensitivities if any should be mentioned.
  • Deposits as mentioned by your doctor give a tentative idea of bill amount. You may keep some cash for miscellaneous purposes in case of emergency.
  • Fasting instructions and preadmission medication instructions should be confirmed with the doctor and adhered to.
  • Please refrain from carrying any valuables to the hospital. The hospital is not responsible for any loss of money or valuable during stay.
  • Female patients due for surgery need to remove make up, jewellery and nail varnish before admission.
  • Luggage, blankets, outside food including fruits, flowers are not allowed in the hospital.
  • Arrange a ride home beforehand, patient may feel drowsy after surgery/procedure.
  • Only one attendant is allowed to accompany patient in classes upto Median A/ Standard and 2 attendants in classes above Med A including Premium.
  • Please help in keeping the number of visitors and the noise levels low.
  • Children below 15 years are not permitted at patient areas / bed side.
  • There are no visiting hours for patients admitted in short stay. Single pass can be transferred amongst visitors.
  • All visitor passes need to be submitted at the time of discharge, else a charge of ₹200* per pass will be applicable.

Admission Guidelines

  • You need to report in Short stay department located at 4th floor, West block building.
  • Please show your booking letter to security to allow access to SSSU.
  • You may call our Customer Care Staff at 9757330707 for escorting you to SSSU.
  • Please come with all reports as advised by the doctor.
  • Admission process is done at the SSSU counter itself.
  • All patients are requested to sign a declaration for payment as per the hospital charges.
  • Patients seeking cashless service in SSSU need to make a payment of ₹ 7500/- as security deposit. This amount is subject to refund as per clauses of bill settlement by insurance company/TPA. For patients undergoing chemotherapy in SSSU have to pay ₹ 2500 for every admission.
  • Bed allotment is done as per availability.
  • Please wear hospital clothes as well as the Patient ID band throughout your stay in the hospital.
  • Home food for patient may be permitted only on "medical grounds". Attendant's meal can be procured on chargeable basis after admission. 
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking and chewing of tobacco is prohibited.
  • Please safeguard your valuables & mobile. The hospital will not be liable for any loss of money or valuables.
  • Please respect hospital and personal property.
  • After admission, nurses will take patient vitals and inform doctor about patient's status to carry out further instructions.
  • Post receiving fitness for surgery, patient will be transferred to OT/Procedure room.
  • After surgery and patient is shifted to recovery, SSSU nurse will inform patient's relative.
  • Based on patient's status, it may take 2-3 hrs to receive patient back in the unit.
  • Patient is then monitored and any post-operative orders related to investigations, diet etc. are carried out.
  • Finalization of discharge summary is done after patient is fit for discharge.
  • Post assessment of patient's fitness for therapy, doctors give drug orders.
  • Nurses then arrange, prepare and administer drugs for the patient.
  • Patient is then monitored till completion of the therapy.
  • Finalization of discharge summary is done after patient is declared fit for discharge by the doctor.
  • For patients undergoing chemotherapy, chemo initiation may take 1-2hrs from the time of admission depending on report review findings.