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> Special Services

Special Service

Our “Centres of Excellence” are dedicated to focussing on issues that affect millions. Health concerns that are oft overlooked till they no longer remain concerns. Through this focussed initiative of ours, we bring the best of international practices home. Redefining delivery of healthcare, as it has always been to what it should be. The focus is on achieving health, not curing illness.

Short Stay Services

Short Stay Service

Getting operated doesn’t always mean having to stay long at the hospital, or having your schedule disrupted. or missing out family time.A single day suffices just as fine, At our Short Stay Service Centre. Giving you precious time to recover in the warm confines of your home. With the newest technology and some of the most able minds at the helm, our centre is one of the firsts and most sought after. From cataracts to fracture fixations, everything is managed perfectly to deliver care with compassion.