Allergy Clinic

Allergies are of of different types and caused due to various reasons in all age groups. It is a response of one’s own body immune system to agents like dust, metal, fibre, chemical. People who have allergies often are sensitive to more than one allergen. When an allergen comes in contact with an individual with allergy, it triggers an allergic or hypersensitive reaction. Heredity and environmental exposures contribute to susceptibility of an individual to allergies.

At P. D. Hinduja Hospital, a comprehensive care and treatment is provided by the specialist after analyzing all aspects of your lifestyle. The allergy clinic at our hospital offers a thorough analysis with the help of various test and process to find out the type of allergy and then offers a comprehensive treatment for the same. Symptoms or visible issues due to an allergic reaction could be hay fever or breathlessness after taking certain medicines. An allergic reaction can occur anywhere in the body (e.g. sneezing and stuffy nose, itching rash of urticaria and asthma). However other symptoms like severe urticaria, migraine and even life- threatening symptoms (reactions to drugs, foods and cosmetics) can also occur.

  • Allergic rhinitis / sinusitis
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Exercise-induced asthma
  • Chronic cough
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Eczema, Atopic dermatitis
  • Urticaria, Angioedema
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Cosmetic allgery

It is important to detect what is causing the allergy in an individual. After detecting the allergens , the best way is to avoid them (drug allergy), use control measures (house dust mites), create tolerance to them (food allergies), skin protection (urticaria) or treat them with oral vaccines (allergic colds or asthma We detect allergies by the skin Prick tests which in the hand of an allergy specialist are 90-100% sensitive. Allergy could develop in various parts of the body like, ear, nose, throat, mouth, skin, lungs and gastrointestinal based on the type of allergen and also show up different symptoms, right from mild to severe.

Dr. Lancelot Mark Pinto
Consultant Pulmonologist and Epidemiologist
MBBS, DNB (Respiratory Medicine), MSc (Epidemiology - McGill University, Canada), Fellow (Sleep medicine and COPD Rehabilitation - McGill University, Canada), FCCP (USA), ECFMG certified (USA)