Ocular Immunology Clinic

Inflammation of joints or arthritis, can be present in various forms & requires prolonged treatment. Uveitis, which refers to inflammation of the uveal tissue inside the eye, can cause permanent loss of vision. Arthritis & Uveitis may often coexist or present one after the other. At times, one of them maybe a "silent bystander". Often, the underlying inflammation causing arthritis & uveitis is inter-related. Auto-immune condition in the eyes are at times associated with systemic rheumatic diseases. The Combined Ocular Immunology Clinic is a specialised clinic that aims to evaluate & treat patients with a holistic approach.

• Combined consultation with our expert Rheumatologist and Uveitis Specialist (Ophthalmologist).
• Simultaneous evaluation and diagnosis by the 2 specialists.
• Holistic, most effective, customised treatment plan.
• Avoid repeat visits to different specialists and repeat investigations.

• Those with chronic “red eyes” or “painful red eyes”
• Those having frequent “blurring of vision” or “floaters”
• Those suffering from “uveitis” or “eye inflammations”
• Those using frequent “steroid eye drops” or “oral steroids” for “frequent red eyes”, “blurring of vision” or “floaters”
• Those suffering from both “joint pains” and “red eyes”
• Those using systemic immunesuppression treatment for both joint pains & red eyes or blurred vision
• Those with pediatric uveitis or children diagnosed with uveitis

Dr. C. Balakrishnan
Consultant, Rheumatologist


Dr. Samyak Mulkutkar
Consultant, Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon & Uveitis Specialist

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Venue: LG 2 Building, 6th Floor