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Women's Cancer - A rising concern

Gynecological cancers along with Breast cancer account for more than 50% of cancers that are found in women.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. One in 29 women is at risk for breast cancer. Breast cancer is completely curable if diagnosed and treated early.

Gynecological cancers are cancers of the female reproductive system.

They include cancer of the cervix, ovary, uterus (womb), fallopian tube, vulva, and vagina. Signs and symptoms of these cancers are often vague and hence are neglected. As a result, most of these cancers (>70%) are detected in advanced stages.

Some cancers can be prevented by healthy lifestyles, vaccination, and detecting them in the precancerous stage. Cancer can be better treated and cured if detected early. Screening for these common cancers helps in early detection.

One-stop clinic for Gynec and Breast Cancers

  • Patient-centric customised care
  • Team-based approach
  • Examination by two experienced female cancer specialists

The aim of the treatment is to reduce inflammation & alleviate the pain. Control of inflammation thus limits further tissue damage and helps restore loss of vision. If an infective cause is found responsible for the inflammation, it has to be specifically treated with an antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal agent or an anti-parasitic agent as and when needed in adequate dosages.

Topical steroids in the form of eye drops are often used as a first line of treatment for reducing the inflammation. Other methods include injecting steroids and other anti-inflammatory agents around the eye or inside the eye. In cases of severe inflammatory reactions, oral steroids are required to reduce the inflammation.

Intravenous steroid pulses are reserved as an emergency to bring sight-threatening inflammation under control. Biological agents, immune-suppressive therapy, disease modifying drugs & non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also utilised depending on the type of disease, severity and chronicity of the inflammation.

Dr. Samyak V. Mulkutkar
Consultant - Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon & Uveitis Specialist
M. S. Ophthalmology (PGI), Vitreo-Retina & Uveitis (PGI)