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About Us

With the emerging obesity epidemic, Bariatric Surgery is no longer about weight loss alone. More and more number of morbidly obese people has fueled the demand and need for bariatric surgery.

Surgical Solutions for Obesity is P. D. Hinduja Hospital's latest offering to provide integrated best of practices and treatments focusing on surgical management of obesity.

At our centre, we believe weight loss is a journey, not a one time destination reached after surgery. The way we see it, the surgery is just the beginning.

Our dedicated team consists of internationally renowned faculty with vast experience in performing even the most complex surgeries with ease. Combined, that translates into over 30 years of experience with the scalpel. Accredited methods of management and care, nutritional counseling before and after surgery, interdisciplinary expertise to take care of the associated illnesses, support groups to keep your motivation levels high, continual support throughout the programme ensure optimal results.

With a reputed centre such as ours at the helm, you are in the best of hands. Come be a part of the success story.