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Our Services

Inpatient Services

* Charges (Subject To Change)

SUITE Two elegant rooms with dining facilities; attached bath with closet; sofa-cum-bed; pantry with mini fridge; two cable televisions; multi-channel music; and two telephones with STD/ISD facility. Rs. 10,000
DELUXE An exclusive room with attached bath; sofa-cum bed; multi-channel music; cable television and telephone. Rs. 6,500
SPECIAL A private room with attached bath; sofa-cum-bed; multi-channel music, cable television and telephone. Rs. 5,500
MEDIAN A A twin-sharing room with an attached bath; couch for each patient's relative and a telephone. Rs. 2,500
MEDIAN B Two patients having a cubicle, couch for each patient's relative and a bathroom in the wing. Rs. 1,500
MEDIAN Four to six patients in a cubicle, chair for each patient's relative and a bathroom in the wing. Rs. 1,250
DAY-CARE Patient admitted and discharged same day. Rs. 1,800

Bed charges are calculated from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. irrespective of the time of admission. If the discharge is delayed beyond 11:0 0 a.m. till 3:0 0 p.m. you will be charged half day's bed charges for the day.

Lalita Girdhar Ward
P. D. Hinduja Hospital, in its endeavour for providing excellent quality health care for all, now extends its bed capacity in patient care services by additional 33 beds in Median Category.

These beds are located on the 1st and 2nd Floor of Lalita Girdhar building,T. H. Kataria Marg behind Hinduja Clinic. The entire facility is centrally air-conditioned

Every floor has one procedure room equipped with advanced monitors and surgical instrumentation.

Dedicated Clinical, Nursing and Support services working towards providing quality patient care, create an environment suitable for speedy patient recovery.

Members of our medical team and management services are available round the clock.