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Our Services
Our Services
Bariatric Surgery Center

Outpatient Services

The Hinduja Clinic offers consultations, diagnostic services, health checks and treatment facilities. It is located in the East building of the P. D. Hinduja Hospital. All patients need to be registered prior to consultation. Please fill in a Registration Form and proceed to any counter. The registration fee is Rs. 150/ which is a one time fee. You will be issued an HH card which is valid for all services of the hospital. Your medical record folder will be retained with the hospital.


  • Appointments can be taken online by clicking here or calling on 022-3981 8181/6766 8181 or mail us at info@hindujahospital.com
  • If you have been registered previously, kindly quote your P. D. Hinduja Hospital (HH) number when taking an appointment.
  • In case you are a non - appointment / walk-in patient, you may have to wait to see the doctor.

Doctor Schedule

Doctor Schedule Time
Dr. Avinash Katara (Monday) 17:30-19.00
Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar (Thursday) 17:30-19.00
The doctors will be examining patients along with a Dietician

Consultation Charges

Consultation TypeC Amount in Rs.
First time consultation with with the Bariatric doctor 1400
Dietician Consultation 450
Folder/ Registration Charges 150
Total 2000

Repeat Consultation with the same Bariatric clinic doctor (within 1 month of first Consultation) 900
Dietician Consultation 450