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I am Vaishali Nair age 44 yrs and I am writing this weight loss story, in the hope of helping others like me who are fighting obesity. Just 6 months back I was weighing 107 kgs and had a BMI of 47. I had serious health issues before my surgery. I had Diabetes, High blood pressure, Osteoarthritis, DVT and numerous other health issues. I was severely handicapped in living my day to day life. All my previous attempts to loose weight by dieting and other means were never successful. I was not able to walk normally and had severe pain in my knees. During my knee check-up with Orthopaedic doctor he advised me to lose weight drastically and told me that this can be d. Then I decided to do something about my weight. I decided to undergo surgery for my weight loss. I am happy that I made the correct choice and went to P. D. Hinduja Hospital, there I met my surgeon Dr Abeezar Sarela. Dr. Sarela is a very soft spoken person who cares very much about his patients. He gives you all the time and most importantly the knowledge and support a patient needs. He wants to help you achieve lifestyle changes and a healthy body. P. D. Hinduja Hospital is very nice and clean with a beautiful environment. I felt very comfortable and was always in safe hands.

I underwent gastric bypass bariatric surgery on 11th Jan 2012. Mine was a complicated case because of my other health issues, but Dr Sarela and his team of doctors did a thoroughly professional job. After my discharge from the hospital, I was guided by the dietician and today(23 July 2012), in a matter of just over 6 months I have lost 33 kgs of weight and I am still loosing.This weight loss has given me a new lease of life. For the first time in my life I am happy with myself and i am on the way to recovery. My quality of life has improved and all the credit goes to Dr.Abeezar Sarela, his team of doctors and the P. D. Hinduja Hospital.

If I can do it, then so can you.

Happy Weight loss
Vaishali Nair

Dear Avinash Katara Sir,

I am forever grateful to you that you have provided permanent cure to this unheard of ailment, and for an operation which I went for against the wishes of my family and friends and I had to stick to my own convictions that hyperhidrosis is a genuine disorder and there is much more suffering involved apart from using a handkerchief.

You have made a HUGE difference in my life by operating me to get me rid of my painfully sweating palms and feet soles.

I wish you and 'Sweaty Palms Clinic' all the best...

Sandeep Shrivastava
Financial Analyst

I am Spine Surgery Fellow and I had Hyperhidrosis since childhood. It was routine for me either to avoid shaking hands or to clean my hands before shaking. It was often embarrassing to see people rubbing or wiping their hand after shaking hands with me. I faced a lot of problem during my exams and while examining patients. I tried many options to get rid of it, including iontophoresis, but they didn't work. After this surgery, within two days I returned to work with such minimal pain that I managed without pain killers and am completely relieved of this problem of sweaty palms. One can now imagine my confidence. Thanks to Dr Katara. Sir, I really salute you!

Dr Deepak Kumar (Mumbai)

I was suffering from excessive sweating of soles and palms for 3 decades and it was a big nuisance. It was affecting my personal and professional life very badly. I underwent ETS surgery by Dr Avinash Katara about 2 years back. Now I am completely rid of the problem. The surgery requires only 2 days of hospitalization. I very strongly recomend this surgery for the affected persons.

Prof. T.N.Chandrakanth (Bangalore)

I was suffering from this condition called hyperhidrosis where there is excessive sweating from the soles and palms since childhood. This made it very difficult for me in day-to-day activities, even simplest things like shaking hands etc. Being a doctor, I did a lot of research on this and finally consulted Dr Avinash Katara at P. D. Hinduja Hospital after reading about the article of hyperhidrosis in the Times of India. With no delay, I underwent surgery (Endothoracic Sympathectomy - ETS). It has been five months since and I have noticed that sweating from my palms and soles has completely stopped and there have been no complications and this has helped me in day-to-day activities. It is just a 45 min procedure. I am thankful to Dr AVINASH KATARA for making this surgery successful and leading me to a better life. The services provided at P. D. Hinduja Hospital were excellent.

Dr Akshay Dubewar (Mumbai)