Admission Guidelines

For Admission
  • You need to report in Short stay department located at 4th floor, West block building.
  • Please show your booking letter to security to allow access to SSSU.
  • You may call our Customer Care Staff at 9757 33 0707 for escorting you to SSSU.
  • Please come with all reports as advised by the doctor.
  • Admission process is done at the SSSU counter itself. Please produce doctors admission note at the counter
  • All patients for admission are requested to sign a declaration for payment as per the hospital charges.
  • Patients seeking cashless service in SSSU need to make a payment of ₹ 7500/- as security deposit. This amount is subject to refund as per clauses of bill settlement by insurance company/TPA. For patients undergoing chemotherapy in SSSU have to pay ₹ 2500 for every admission.
Post Admission
  • Bed allotment is done as per availability.
  • Please wear hospital clothes as well as the Patient ID band throughout your stay in the hospital.
  • Home food for patient may be permitted only on "medical grounds". Attendant's meals can be procured from cafeteria. For delivery at SSS, call Extn: for your orders
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking and chewing of tobacco is prohibited.
  • Please safeguard your valuables & mobile. The hospital will not be liable for any loss of money or valuables.
  • Please respect hospital and personal property
  • After admission, nurses will take patient vitals and inform doctor about patient's status to carry out further instructions
  • Surgical Patients
    Post receiving fitness for surgery, patient will be transferred to OT/Procedure room. After surgery is finished and patient is shifted to recovery, SSSU nurse will inform patient's relative. Based on patient's status, it may take 2-3 hrs to receive patient back in the unit. Patient is them monitored post op and any post-operative orders related to investigations, diet etc. are carried out. Finalization of discharge summary is done after patient is fit for discharge
  • Medical Patients
    Post assessment of patient's fitness for therapy, doctors give drug orders. Nurses then arrange, prepare and administer drugs for the patient. Patient is then monitored till completion of the therapy. Finalization of discharge summary is done after patient is declared fit for discharge by the doctor.
  • Chemotherapy
    For patients undergoing chemotherapy, chemo initiation may take 1-2hrs from the time of admission depending on report review findings.

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