Pre Admission Guidelines


  • Patients are admitted only on the day of procedure
  • All pre-operative / pre admission investigations as advised by your doctor should be done prior to admission. Home sample collection services care@home can be availed at 022 67668181 / 45108181 between 8a.m to 8p.m. Charges range from ₹130 to
    ₹200*/visit/ person depending on the collection location.
  • You may bring any other previous reports which may be used for reference.
  • You are requested to carry the medicines, inhalers you are currently taking, a list of any known allergies and sensitivities if any, personal toiletries, slippers / footwear.
  • Deposits as mentioned by your doctor give a tentative idea of bill amount. You may keep some cash for miscellaneous purposes in case of emergency.
  • Fasting instructions and preadmission medication instructions should be confirmed with the doctor and adhered to.
  • Please refrain from carrying any valuables in the hospital. Hospital is not responsible for any loss of money or valuable during stay.
  • Female patients due for surgery need to remove make up, jewellery and nail varnish before admission.
  • Luggage, blankets, outside food including fruits, flowers are not allowed in the hospital as part of infection control protocols
  • Arrange a ride home beforehand with a responsible adult, as you may feel drowsy after surgery/procedure.

Visitor Policy

  • Only one attendant is allowed to accompany patient in classes upto Median A/ Standard and 2 attendants in classes above Med A including Premium.
  • Please help in keeping the number of visitors and the noise levels low.
  • Children below 15 years are not permitted at patient areas / bed side
  • There are no visiting hours in the hospital. Single pass can be transferred amongst visitors
  • All visitor passes need to be submitted at the time of discharge, else a charge of ₹200* per pass will be applicable.

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