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> General Surgery

Performs a variety of advanced Laparoscopic, Thoracoscopic, Robotic, Endovascular & Proctological procedures. His key areas of interest include:

  • HERNIAS: Laparoscopic/Open/Robotic repair of Inguinal, Ventral & Incisonal hernias
  • GALL STONES: Laparoscopic removal of Gall Bladder
  • VARICOSE VEINS: Laser, radio-frequency, sclerotherapy etc
  • SWEATY PALMS: Endothoracic Sympathectomy (ETS)
  • PILES, FISSURES, FISTULA: Laser and Minimally invasive Proctological procedures

Dr. Avinash Katara is a specialist in Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Obesity and Endovenous Surgery.

  • He is a Consultant Minimal Access and General Surgeon.
  • He  performs  a  variety  of  advanced  laparoscopic,  thoracoscopic,  endovenous  and  proctological procedures.
  • He has trained extensively in India, Singapore, Australia, UK, Germany and USA and has  over  twenty  years'  experience  in  Minimal  Access  Surgery.  
  • He  is  a  keen  academic  and  has several  publications,  presentations  and  lectures  to  his  credit,  both  at  national  and  international platforms.
  • His  key  areas  of  interest  are  Hernias,  Varicose  Veins,  Sweaty  palms,  Gall  stones  and Proctology.
  • Done several fellowships in India and overseas in Minimal Access and Hernia Surgery.
  • Keen academic and has several publications, presentations and lectures to his credit, both at national and international levels.
  • Won the prestigious ‘International College of Surgeons research Scholarship grant’ in 2005.



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