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> Cancer Surgery


  • Dr. Vinod S. Joshi has worked in Nair Hospital under the guidance of Dr. S. T. Choudhary and Dr. H. M. Punjani in the department of Urology, possessing a wide array of endourological and other equipment. He has vast exposure in endoscopic work and is well trained in endourological procedures including TURP, PCNL and URS.
  • Since last year, he has been carrying out PCNL procedures under C-ARM fluroscopic control independently. He has obtained about 65% total stone clearance rate with his procedures like PCNL and URS. He has performed and assisted most major and minor urological and andrological surgeries during his tenure.
  • He has also worked for three years in urodynamic laboratory at Nair Hospital and obtained a thorough training in the techniques and interpretations of urodynamic studies. The management of neurogenic bladder and of incontinent patients and artificial sphincter surgery has been his area of Interest

Transplant experience

  • He was the part of transplant team in Kidney transplant unit at Nair Hospital which was established in 1992. For the last 3 years, he has been actively involved in the transplant programme in Hinduja Hospital. He has assisted and performed more than 50 donor nephrectomies / recipient transplants. At Hinduja he has also actively pursuing cadaver transplant programme and has done about 6 cadaver transplants.

General Surgery

  • During his tenure as a Resident House Officer & Registrar he has performed many major and minor operative procedures independently and also gained proficiency in emergency trauma management. He was also involved in establishing a surgical gastroenterology unit at Nair Hospital, where he performed both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures including ERCP's, Nasobiliary Stenting and Endoscopic Papillotomies.

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